Introducing new RPR eBook series

Smart Charts: Using visuals to tell a property’s story

Charts and graphs are often the best way to show trends and make comparisons between different groups. In real estate, they allow agents and customers to identify what’s going on in any given market and to tell a property’s story, all through visuals, which allows us to digest the information more readily than if presented in a textual format.

Sometimes referred to “idealization tools,” charts and graphs can also break up the monotony of a long report, allowing visual learners the opportunity to envision all aspects of their purchasing decision today and into the future.

If you or your customers are visual learners, then check out this new eBook series from RPR, Smart Charts: Using visuals to tell a property’s story. Each eBook focuses on the charts and graphs found within RPR’s most used reports, such as the Property, Seller’s and/or Neighborhood Reports. Examples of each chart are presented along with a description of how its data can be interpreted and why it is useful when working with clients and customers.

Here are just a few of the charts included in the eBook series:

  • Age range of home sold
  • Average commute time
  • Education levels
  • Household income
  • Median estimated home value
  • Median sales price by square foot
  • Population of adults by age
  • Population of children by age
  • Listing inventory
  • Sales and financing activity

Review the charts to get a clear picture of how to use visuals to paint a picture of a property in a memorable and attention-getting way. Then go tell your property’s story.

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