1 Big RPR Wow Moment And 5 Closed Deals

For the REALTOR® team of Nicole Nicolay and Robyn Annicherro, RPR is the real estate data tool that just keeps on “wowing” both them and their clients.

Robyn says, “As a new REALTOR®, I was ‘wowed’ by RPR when I found out it was included in my NAR membership and gave me access to over 160M properties. I literally use it every day.”

At the 2019 NAR Annual Convention and Expo in San Francisco, Nicole and Robyn were presenters at an RPR session titled “RPR In The Wild.” Nicole says, “Our story is all about how one big RPR ‘wow’ moment snowballed into several more ‘wow’ moments, five transactions, three sets of satisfied clients, and one very proud real estate team.”

The Big Wow Theory

It all started when their friends and clients Jack and Teri invited Nicole and Robyn over to share some wine and discuss real estate. Jack and Teri were curious about the market in their area and had questions about selling and buying a new home. They noticed that some of their neighbors’ homes were on the market for months and it greatly concerned them.

While chatting and enjoying a favorite red blend from Murrieta’s Well, Nicole and Robyn opened the RPR app on their phone and shared the RVM® (Realtor Valuation Model®). They also ran an RPR comps analysis for the home which included like-properties from the neighborhood. Nicole and Robyn noticed immediately that homes in this development were sitting on the market longer, but the prices were not inching down accordingly.

That was a “wow” moment for both REALTORS®, who made a plan to do some research (with RPR, of course!) and get back to Jack and Teri with a plan and a pricing strategy. Nicole and Robyn came back with an RPR Seller’s Report and other detailed property reports. Ultimately, their recommended listing price was 20K less than what comparable neighbors were asking, but it was much more realistic for the current marketplace, as revealed in RPR.

Jack and Teri experienced a “wow” moment when Nicole and Robyn shared this information and these numbers, and backed it up with reports and data provided by RPR. Jack and Teri went from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident about listing their home and buying a new one.

The RPR Wow Moments Begin To Snowball

After that big, initial RPR “wow” moment domino, other pieces began to fall into place. Jack and Teri listed their home, and Nicole and Robyn began to show it. This plays right into one of Nicole and Robyn’s RPR open house tips: print out one copy, and one only, of the Mini-Property Report. This way, when an open house goer, such as Megan tours the home, she’ll reach for the report. However, Nicole or Robyn will intercept and casually say, “Hi, that’s my last copy. Would it be okay if I emailed you a digital version? I just need your email.” And just like that, Nicole and Robyn have a great lead that they earned face to face, while not coming off as pushy or “salesy.”

During this exchange, the team finds out that Megan is thinking about selling her home. Next step? Get the prospect’s address, and open RPR to share the AVM right there on the spot, within seconds. Megan’s eyes lit up when she saw the high-end value of her home. Chalk up another “wow” moment to RPR! But we’re not done yet…

A few days later, Megan calls Nicole with a slew of questions. Of course, Nicole is running errands and picking up her kid from practice, but on the fly and “in the wild”, is able to use the RPR Mobile Comps Analysis tool to answer all of Megan’s questions; mostly assurances that her home will sell for a certain price. Nicole used the Refine Value Tool within the RPR RVM®, which allows users to add to or take away a home’s value based on upgrades and home improvements that have been made. With a new roof, a recently remodeled bathroom, and a freshly landscaped backyard, Nicole is able to easily adjust the comps to more accurately price the home, and put Michelle at ease. In fact, Michelle was so excited that she stopped at the new home build that she wanted to move to and put down a deposit. And even listed Nicole and Robyn as her referring agents. Which is a “wow” within a “wow”!

The Final Wow Pieces

The next link in this “wow” chain came from a previous client of Nicole and Robyn’s. The Reed family was living in the city, but was seriously contemplating moving to a smaller town. Every week Nicole and Robyn send out an eNewsletter, which includes an RPR Market Activity Report, along with their team’s featured listings and open house schedule. Via the newsletter, The Reeds saw Megan’s home and fell in love with it. They made an offer and it was accepted.

Remember Jack and Teri? They find their dream home and sell their home in four days, thanks to Nicole and Robyn’s pricing strategy. Nicole and Robyn once again use the RVM® cost analysis tool on the home Jack and Teri want to buy, to advise them on how much to offer. And—spoiler alert—it was accepted!

Wowing Clients And Closing Multiple Deals

For those keeping score at home, that first big “wow” moment with Jack and Teri led to five separate transactions, three sets of impressed clients, and one accomplished real estate team.

Nicole and Robyn are quick to point out that relationship building is what it’s all about. Forming connections and providing your clients with value and trusted guidance is the goal. RPR is the tool that helps them discover and deliver data and reports that seal the deal.

Start “wowing” your clients and closing more deals today. Get started with RPR here.

11 replies
  1. Ron Lunceford
    Ron Lunceford says:

    The product (RPR) sounds great….but the open house tip about printing only one copy of the “Mini-Property report” and saying to a prospective buyer…
    “Hi, that’s my last copy. Would it be okay if I emailed you a digital version? I just need your email.” …….And just like that, Nicole and Robyn have a great lead that they earned face to face, while not coming off as pushy or “salesy.”..
    This is clever maneuver, and yes, the broker doesn’t “come off” as” pushy or salesey” but what the broker says is less than completely truthful. Setting up the situation in this way seems to violate at least the spirit of Article 12 of our Code of Ethics.
    Article 12
    “REALTORS® are honest and truthful in their communications and present a true picture in their advertising, marketing, and in other public representations.”
    Some folks don’t understand that being honest and being truthful are not exactly the same thing. Being honest means not telling lies. Being truthful means actively making known all the full truth of a matter. The open house tip obvioulsy leads away from the full truth even though it gives an honest description of how many “Mini-Property reports’ are in the broker’s possession.
    There are more ethical ways to obtain a prospective buyer’s email address.

  2. Dwayne Floyd
    Dwayne Floyd says:

    I agree with Ron. While what was shared is impressive, I too thought ethics were skirted with the example cited to gain the prospective client’s email address. When it comes to ethics we are pledged to follow the law and spirit of the law, so being a ‘little’ dishonest is out of bounds…

  3. Angie Franco
    Angie Franco says:

    If Ron and Dwayne are offended by the verbiage of “this is my last copy” they are allowed to change it, as I would. I would tell clients I print one copy to save paper, which would be the truth, so if they would like to receive their own copy I’ll email it. Easy fix. Thanks for sharing these awesome suggestions ladies!

  4. Becky
    Becky says:

    It is funny the different views one has of a great story. The message is about RPR, and how well it worked for this team. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. MJ Joo
    MJ Joo says:

    I am one week old realtor andI had this wow moment with my buyers after delivering these report to them to give them idea of what kind of market they are getting into… I was planning on Usenet these for my open houses to give the prospects some picture of market. I am just wowed reading your article thinking that there some people out there doing this. I feel confident to use this strategy as you guys are the living proofs! Thanks, MJ


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