RPR Wow Moments From The REALTORS® Conference & Expo

RPR Wow Moments From The REALTORS® Conference & Expo Floor

In 2019 we made a focused effort to let REALTORS® know that RPR is the ideal property tool that can help you “Wow” your clients and close more deals.

What’s an RPR “Wow” moment? It could be you “wowing” your clients with near instant information and property reports. It could be you being “wowed” by discovering a new feature or capability within RPR itself. It’s a combination of small steps and big wins that all add up to making a huge impression on your clients and contributing a boost to your business.

Back in November, at the NAR Annual Conference & Expo in San Francisco, we caught up with a handful of REALTORS® and asked them to tell us about their RPR “wow” moments. Please take a moment to watch each video and learn about each members’ story…

Latana Locke, REALTOR®, King George, Virginia

Latana’s RPR “Wow” moment happened while she was on vacation: “All this happened in ten minutes, in a restaurant, In West Virginia, in the boonies.”

Tammy Rust, REALTOR®, Sussex County, Delaware

Thanks to RPR, Tammy closed a deal on a property where she didn’t even have the listing.

Carolyn Collins, REALTOR®, Traverse City, Michigan

Caroline used RPR to help her parents not get taken advantage of.

Jamie Caballero, REALTOR®, Key West, Florida

Jamie used RPR to “wow” a traveling companion of hers by looking up home values on the fly.

Mary Corrigan, REALTOR®, Cleveland, Ohio

Get this! Mary used RPR to help get herself an out of state listing, that sold while she was at the NAR Conference.

Do you have a great story about using RPR? We’d love for you to “wow” us!

Submit your own RPR “Wow” moment here.

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