The RPR Map

After watching this video, you’ll become proficient in working with one of RPR’s most powerful tools. RPR maps let you visually search by zip code, neighborhoods, city or specific addresses. The RPR map feature also allows users to search for properties and uncover market trends, as well as set walk and drive distance parameters. You can use aerial, road, and overhead views, to searching by schools, points of interest (POIs) and heat maps.

Introduction To Realtors Property Resource

This first video is an official “welcome to” RPR. You’ll get an overview of all the capabilities and uses RPR offers, and a detailed “how-to” on signing up and creating an account. These learning series video tutorials will provide you with some basic info on how to get started using RPR. Residential and Commercial agents will see a wealth of information and how RPR pulls it all together through data aggregation. Details on creating an RPR account, setting up a user profile, and where to download the RPR Mobile app are also covered.