Engaging Clients With Interactive Investment Analysis

Expedite property valuation and investment analyses, avoid mistakes and omissions, compare scenarios in real time, and market deals elegantly and persuasively with Valuate™, RPR’s latest enhancement to its investment analysis platform.

Engaging Clients With Interactive Investment Analysis:
This session will teach you how to use Valuate to:
Analyze a property to determine returns
Adjust assumptions affecting property income and expenses
Compare varying investment scenarios and export information for your clients

See how REALTORS® are using RPR

  • Paul Martis

    Paul Martis

    Reports identify more than location when developing a marketing strategy.
  • Syd Machat

    Syd Machat

    Leveraging RPR data in a rural, commercial marketplace sets this …
  • Lou Lollio

    Lou Lollio

    High-end commercial real estate requires comprehensive knowledge and acute accuracy