Advanced Feature: Local Association Dashboard

The RPR Dashboard was created to give Local Associations a portal into the metrics, statistics and reports Associations require. Complete with RPR user metrics, data updates, communication content, training information, as well as reports to complement housing statistics already provided by NAR, the RPR Dashboard is available to each REALTOR® Association across the country.

Introducing the Local Association Dashboard: The RPR Dashboard gives Local Associations a portal into the metrics, statistics and reports Associations require1:48
The Summary Page: The RPR Dashboard leverages this data and creates easy-to-read charts, graphs and reports to give Associations an idea of how their members are using RPR, and specific information on when data was last updated1:14
The Market Data Page: Get all the data you need to understand the trends in your local market. Key metrics for inventory, listings and sales, distressed information and much more are customizable and available right at your fingertips1:40
The User Stats Page: The Dashboard gives you detailed data showing how your membership is using RPR0:50
The Data Feeds Page: The current status of estimated property values, public records, listings and photos, and other data types shown on RPR are displayed1:07
The News & Training Page: RPR is committed to assisting Associations with training, outreach and communicating the latest value RPR provides to members1:04
Introducing the Economic Area Reports: Regardless of whether an Association has access to market data, all Associations have access to a key feature of the Dashboard: the Federal and Local Economic Area Reports1:31
The Economic Area Reports Page: Leveraging the foundation of RPR’s Commercial application, these reports focus on the consumer tapestry data, demographic and lifestyle information, as well as economic trending1:31