Getting Started with RPR Commercial

Navigate through the Commercial application of RPR. Your one-stop-shop for comprehensive market data, allowing REALTORS® specializing in commercial properties to save time and money. This basic course is a complete step by step library of video tutorials that will introduce you to all the commercial features RPR has to offer.

RPR Commercial Course
Creating Your Account: Two minutes is all it takes to set-up your RPR account using this simple, step-by-step wizard.2:59
Locate RPR Commercial: Navigate to the Commercial side of RPR.0:25
Complete Your Profile: Essential branding and contact information ensures your ability to customize reports.3:06
Navigate the Homepage: Easy access to your recent history, new searches, reports and more.1:07
Explore Search: Six creative ways to research properties, neighborhoods and schools.3:19
Search With Maps: Draw your own map or use innovative tools such as distance, radius and drive time. Even search by neighborhood, ZIP, city or county.5:20
Traffic Counts: Quickly find and use traffic data to understand business potential when evaluating commercial properties. 1:21
Property Details: Hundreds of datasets on individual properties, including building owner information, taxes, mortgage info, and distressed data.3:02
Tenant Data: Detailed tenant data is displayed with commercial properties to help you understand whether a particular building is a good fit for a client.0:55
Property Analysis for Investors: Perform quick, detailed investment projection analysis on commercial properties using Valuate®.1:38
Trade Area Info & ESRI Tapestry Data: Understanding the Tapestry segments will assist RPR users in understanding and targeting trade areas for businesses.1:44
Where are the right customers for a business?: Help a business find the best place to locate using demographic, psychographic and spending data to identify areas with the most target customers for the business.6:10
What’s the best location for a business?: Help a business owner find the best place to locate based on an analysis of spending data within a drive time, radius or area3:25
What’s the best retail business for a location?: Help a building owner determine what business would be appropriate for a given location by looking at the spending data and seeing what business types are underserving the area4:02
Thematic Map Data: Thematic maps are a way to display and explore location-specific data on a map1:02
Points of Interest (POIs): Maps in RPR Commercial display business points of interest0:52
Create Commercial Reports: Four powerful ways to capture and report data presented in a client-friendly format. Customize reports with your contact info and photo, upload photos, add notes and more.3:23
RPR app (Commercial mode): Learn all about accessing and reporting on Commercial properties with the RPR app7:24