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RPR Reports


Reports Overview

Reports are one of the most popular capabilities RPR has to offer. This video takes a quick look at the different report types available: the Property Report, the Seller’s Report, the Property Flyer, a Mini Property Report, the Valuation Workbook, the Market Activity Report, Neighborhood Reports, and School Reports. There’s also a look at the mobile-only Buyer Tour Report. After watching, your agents will know how to create, customize and share each type of report. Their clients will be amazed and how much detail they include and how quickly Realtors can generate them.


How to Create Reports

In this video we’ll explore the types of reports offered in RPR Residential, and then take a closer look at how to customize what’s included in those reports. Let’s get started.

Access the reports generation page by clicking the Reports link visible anywhere on the site, or by following the “Create a Report” button atop any Property Details page.

You have 8 different reports to choose from – the:

  • Property Report
  • Seller’s Report
  • Property Flyer
  • Mini Property Report
  • Valuation Workbook
  • Market Activity Report
  • Neighborhood Report
  • School Report
  • and exclusively available by way of the mobile app is a Buyer Tour Report.

RPR reports can be created, saved, emailed, printed and even shared on Facebook from a desktop, Android or Apple device. And you get to choose what is and isn’t included in every report.

Let’s do a quick walk-through of each RPR report.

RPR’s Property Report details the overall characteristics of a property such as values, foreclosure activity, market statistics, demographics, history, taxes and school information. The report also includes before-and-after photos.

The Seller’s Report is a favorite for listing presentations. Similar to a CMA, the Seller’s Report reviews the subject property, shows the condition of the local market, presents comparable properties for side-by-side comparisons, recommends a pricing strategy, and shows estimated seller proceeds.

A handy tool for open houses, buyer tours and even that new lead that you want to respond to right away, the Property Flyer is a quick and easy way of marketing any property. Upload your own photos, enter a headline, and/or details about an upcoming open house. Like all RPR reports, personalize the report and email it to a client, with just a few quick clicks.

The Mini Property Report is all about the essentials. The report includes the property’s estimated value; home facts like bedrooms, baths and square footage; and photos. It’s a great way to share property data with buyers at the onset.

The Valuation Workbook offers a more in-depth value of a property and can be generated only when a Sales Comparison Analysis has been created. The workbook can be submitted as backup material to a lender or shared with a client.

RPRs Market Activity Report presents a profile of the changes in a local real estate market based on listing information and MLS data. The report includes samples of active, pending, sold, expired and distressed properties, as well as recent price changes and upcoming open houses for a period of up to three months.

The Neighborhood Report summarizes economic, housing, demographic and quality of life information about an area. It’s an in-depth portrait of the people who live in a target area, in addition to key indicators such as job growth, unemployment, cost of living, quality of life, commute times and climate. The report also includes median list and sales prices, listing and sales volumes, and per square foot pricing on sold homes.

The School Report summarizes student populations, testing outcomes, parental reviews, ratings, and contact information about a public or private school. Compare schools within a district or a specified radius, and/or select up to 20 nearby listings to include in the report. School and district boundaries are provided by Maponics.

And putting together your next buyer tour just got a whole lot easier with RPR’s Buyer Tour Report … exclusively available in RPR Mobile. Start by performing a simple search using RPR Mobile™. From there, select properties to tour, determine the order you’d like to see them, and create a colorful, client-friendly report to share with buyers.

Now that you know a little about each report, let’s review tips for creating each.

To create a property, mini property, sellers, neighborhood or school report select the radio button of the report you wish to generate. Click “More Details” to list all the elements of the report. If you are unsure about what something represents, move your mouse over the “i” and you’ll see a preview of that particular element. Un-select the checkboxes of any elements you don’t want to include.

To create a property flyer, follow the same steps, except when you click “More Details” you’ll have more customization options. Choose a photo to display on the flyer. Create a custom headline and enter the property description.

To create a valuation workbook, follow the same steps as a property report, except first complete a Sales Comparison Analysis for the property which is found under the “Comp Analysis” Section on the Property Details page.

A market activity report is slightly different. It can be generated for any geography. Start by using the Market Activity search. From the results, click Map View to create a customized search area. Choose a drawing tool to define your boundaries. Search the area, and remember to click save. Then choose Reports.

Now from the reports page, choose Market Activity Report. Then, More Details and choose what to include or omit from the report. When you generate the Market Activity Report, your custom area name will appear on the cover.

Cover page elements can be customized for all reports on the right side of the screen. Choose what you want included or omitted on your cover page, including page numbers. This can be particularly helpful if you’re going to include the RPR report with other materials such as a company overview or marketing strategy for a seller.

Before we wrap up, I want to share one additional unique feature to customize your reports – the ability to insert PDF pages into your RPR reports, or include PDFs uploaded by your brokerage.

Under “General Report Preferences” on the right side of your screen, select “Manage Custom Pages.” A pop-up will appear, allowing you to add up to five customized PDF files. You might include a page containing your biography and other professional information for your clients to see. This is also an excellent way to showcase testimonials, additional statistics, and specific marketing tools and methods you employ for your clients.

If your Company has uploaded PDF files through the Broker Tool Set, they will appear here as well.

Select “Add” to upload PDF files from your system. You can upload a max of 5 pages, no larger than 10MB. It’s best to name these files for future use. Arrange the order of the pages by selecting a row and dragging it up or down. And you can specify the location of the custom report page to be at the beginning or the end of your report. Select Save.

Once complete, add your custom pages to individual reports under the “More Details” dropdown. Select or unselect custom pages you wish to be included. Your selections are saved for any future reports you run, but you can change them at any time.

The final steps are to personalize your report, if you choose, and choose your delivery method – PDF or Email. Click “Run Report.” The reports you generate will appear on the left side of the reports page. Reports remain in the list for 30 days, after which time they are automatically deleted.

If you click on this plus sign to the right of report generated you can choose from several options such as deleting, downloading, rerunning and sharing the report.

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