Leveraging RPR’s Market Data Tool to Your Advantage

Exclusively for Brokers/Owners and Managers

Join us for this introductory session to the new RPR Market Data Tool for Brokers/Owners.

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  • Webinar Duration: 45 min

You’ll learn to:

  • Use the new Report Builder to run or set-up automated, on-demand and one-click reporting
  • Develop a working knowledge of reports and their components, such as Key Metrics Summaries, Appendices, Office-by-Office Comparisons, and Customized Cover Sheets
  • Select filters such as date range, a particular office, or even in a particular price range and property type to include in reports.
  • Create customized market area maps for performance tracking
  • Leverage the Data Tool’s 20 metrics data sets and 100+ charts, graphs, and tables to track and enhance company performance.