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Commercial: Trade Area Page

[…] data layers, see points of interest and traffic counts, or search within a distance or drive time. Demographic Facts and Stats Available on the website and RPR Mobile™ app. See app article. The Demographic Facts and Stats section displays data about the area and its residents compared against the county and state, shown in […]

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Email Invites, Flyer Templates and More

[…] Flex those prospecting muscles! RSVP to RPR and turn data into your strategic advantage. Flyer Templates Social Media Templates Deliver Data Without Delay: Serving Buyers with RPR Mobile™ Email Copy COPY TEXT Syntax Highlighter-Gain on-the-go expertise with RPR Mobile™ for buyers -Ditch the Desktop! Use the RPR app when working with buyers -The real […]

Why use the RPR app? Hear from these seven REALTORS®

[…] sale within a half mile radius of where we were standing… including, of all places, a listing right across the street.” Gregg Center, REALTOR®, Sarasota, Florida RPR Mobile app 2Turn an Unplanned Obstacle Into a Win On her way to a friend’s baby shower, Nicole Nicolay, a REALTOR® from Livermore, California, received a call […]

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The RPR Mobile App

Subscribe A quick look at the upgraded RPR Mobile™app Once again, we’ve made the RPR even more user-friendly! This upgraded version features a property search map as the home screen, so REALTORS® can start doing more in less time. We’ve also added speciality search tags, a new bottom navigation bar, all in one property […]

AI Commercial ScriptWriter (Trade Area)

[…] semirural neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas; half are located in the South, with the rest primarily in the West and Midwest. Almost half of householders live in mobile homes; more than two-fifths live in single-family homes. These are young, family-oriented consumers who value their traditions. Workers are in service, retail trade, manufacturing, and construction […]