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May 2016

Website Enhancements

Searching made simpler with added features and filters

  1. We’ve taken last month’s new keyword search and expanded it to include neighborhoods, address zones and address areas (MLS area), exterior styles, water features, and listing and MLS subtypes—all through listing data and listing descriptions (not public records). The new options are available for both Residential and Commercial applications.

    Tip: Did your search yield a limited number of listings? Try adding more keywords to expand your results.

  2. Your clients will appreciate your pinpoint precision when searching for homes by drive time now that the function includes the ability to filter by day of the week, time of day, and length of journey. You can also choose to view walking times.

    Tip: Consider integrating walk time data with RPR’s Points of Interest (POI) to add appeal for those seeking a walkable community.

    Non-disclosure states take note when sharing reports via Facebook

    REALTORS® who practice within the country’s 12 non-disclosure states will now be prompted to take care when sharing reports on Facebook. The message will appear just after clicking the Post option but will not prevent a user from sharing the report. Non-disclosure states include: Alaska, Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming

    Before You Go …

    1. Quit claim deeds are now considered a sale if the exchange value is more than a dollar. However, if a deed is transferred into a trust, it is no longer considered part of a sale.
    2. Heat and flood zones maps are refreshed. Note: Heat maps are updated quarterly, except for housing density and estimated value per square footage which are updated yearly.
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