Highlight Current Market Trends in Your Next Marketing Campaign

When asked, “How’s the Market?” you can now answer with data, stats and confidence.

RPR has the latest on sales, inventory and pricing trends in your area.

News headlines get attention, but don’t let outside folks dictate the narrative. YOU are the market expert. And RPR’s NEW housing charts provide the data you need in an instant!

With 8 key metrics, we’ll show you how to:

  • Keep your pulse on the market with a snapshot of local stats.

  • Easily share data with your client and customers using RPR Reports.

  • Post on social media using Canva templates that can be easily customized to your market.

Whether you’re working with current clients or prospecting for new ones, we’ve got you covered. RPR’s training experts and marketing gurus will walk you through everything to cement your position as the local real estate expert.

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