Ask the Expert Series

RPR Reports: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

“Wow” Your Clients with RPR Reports

Knowledge is key, and data is king, but the aesthetics of a presentation can make or break a deal. As part of this webinar, we’ll hear from agents about how they’re using RPR reports to shine a little brighter.

Whether you’re working with current clients, prospecting for new ones, or working on a new marketing campaign, RPR has a report to fit the bill. In this class, we will:

  • Explain how to choose the right report for each situation

  • Demonstrate how to customize reports

  • Provide tips on how to entice clients and customers with the data they need

  • And we’ll show you how to ensure your name, photo, brokerage and contact information are always front and center

RPR offers eight templated residential reports and three templated commercial reports. Baffled, overwhelmed, can’t decide which report to send? We’ll guide you through every step.

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