MLS Integrations

Promote your MLS by taking a member benefit to the next level

As an MLS, you want to give your REALTOR® subscribers the most timely and accurate information available. But often they need additional layers of data not available in your MLS requiring them to log in to multiple sites … but not anymore.

Make this experience quicker and easier by integrating with RPR – the national property database from NAR with hundreds of additional datasets. With these integrations, your REALTOR® subscribers can use single sign-on, which allows them to log in directly from your MLS without having to remember another password.

With deep linking, they can simply click from a property to that same property in RPR. Because RPR is branded with your MLS logo, the transition is seamless. And with RPR View™, your subscribers will see listings from other MLS’s, where you’ve elected to share data.

Best of all, your MLS is able to implement each of these features at no cost from RPR. Bottom line, by integrating with RPR you will be providing superior experiences for your subscribers all while promoting your brand.

To learn more about these free integrations, click through the pages listed here.