REALTOR® transforms thinking: Talent without knowledge only scratches the real estate surface

Shad Bogany
Bellaire, Texas

Shad Bogany openly admits that he never thought he’d need RPR. In fact, at the mid-winter conference for the Texas Association of REALTORS®, he wasn’t even going to take the time to stop and learn about it. Then Shad realized that he was already signed up for RPR, but had never used it. Intrigued, he decided to learn more. He pulled up his own home on RPR and was stunned at all the information that was available to him, including reports that made him say, “Wow!”

The Challenge

In Shad’s business, he frequently works with banks on foreclosures, consumers on buying/selling their homes and even small builders. He prides himself on providing the best information available. The problem was, Shad thought he already was taking advantage of all the available data. He admits he thought he had all the data he needed to compete.

For example, recently Shad had been working with a few customers that he was trying to convince to build in a particular neighborhood. Finding the demographic information he needed to help them make a decision was difficult. “When my clients asked me for this type of information in the past, I kind of filibustered through it just based on my knowledge, sometimes running on talent vs. actual knowledge, ” commented Shad.

The Outcome

Since discovering RPR, Shad says that providing his clients with all the information they thirst for is a breeze. “After I was shown RPR, I immediately used it to create a CMA for a client of mine. I did that right there from my hotel room. I sent a Neighborhood Report, Market Activity Report and even a Property Report.” Shad did get that listing, which sold within 24 hours of hitting the market!

To Shad, RPR allows him to remain relevant to his clients by being able to provide them with information they cannot get elsewhere through the reports. “Why would I deny my clients the information they need to make great decisions?”

It’s a tool he can no longer live without. “I could kick myself for ignoring it,” Shad says. Luckily for Shad, he stopped by the RPR booth that day, and his clients have benefited ever since.

“RPR allows me to look very successful in understanding a client’s marketplace. I give them the information they need to make an intelligent decision.”


  • REALTOR® for over 20 years
  • 2013 Chairman of the Texas Association of REALTORS®
  • 2002 Chairman of the Houston Association of REALTORS®
  • Board member for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
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