ABOR Adopts RPR Mobile™ app as its go-to Tech for Agents in the Field

The recently refreshed and updated RPR (Realtors Property Resource®) Mobile app is the perfect tech companion for agents conducting business on the go.

It offers REALTORS® access to vast amounts of property data, and the ability to send that info to their clients in minutes, if not seconds.

So when the Austin Board of REALTORS® began searching for an MLS companion app for their members, the search was short and swift.

“When you’re in the field, you need data to be consistent, fast and accessible. That’s RPR.”

Emily Chenevert, Austin Board of REALTORS® CEO

Austin Board of REALTORS® taps RPR to be its MLS companion app

ABOR’s desire to find an agent-centric app to work alongside an MLS app, is a reflection of various industry changes and trends. Recent mergers, acquisitions, technology deprecations and product launches all played a role in their decision. We’re sure that many Association leaders can relate to the current industry challenges regarding real estate tech.

ABOR is one of the organizations who own Remine, a digital platform that connects real estate professionals with clients. Through that relationship, ABOR plans to leverage Remine as their app of choice for consumer portal interactions. But when it came down to offering their members an app that’s easy to use and gives their agents unparalleled access to tools, data and reports, RPR presented itself as a top contender.

After checking out the refreshed version of the RPR app, and talking to agents who were already frequent users, Emily and her Board of Directors were able to easily make the decision. “RPR is just super consistent. There are so many benefits, including the uptime that it provides, it’s fast and efficient, and very straightforward and intuitive to use. It’s just a very easy and clean field tool. The complete package.”

The RPR app: a no-cost solver of problems and pain points

We asked Emily if there were any specific pain points that the RPR app solved for ABOR members. “The mapping tools are a big help to agents out in the wild. You can be out showing homes or doing an open house, and in real time, you can see what else is around you. And send that information directly to clients and prospects almost instantly. Plus, showing instructions are readily available and the contact information for listings agents is right there.”

While the RPR app on its own offers all sorts of capabilities, tools and features, there’s one other reason it was such an easy choice: cost. As in, there’s no extra cost for REALTORS® to use and leverage the RPR app as a resource. Emily agrees, “The no fees aspect contributed to some degree, obviously. To be able to share with membership that this tool is provided to them as part of their dues under the umbrella of the value proposition of association membership, that’s certainly valuable. We would have paid for the right tool if it was a better fit for our marketplace. But the RPR app is the right tool for us.”

Using the RPR app for the market shift

To help market the adoption of the RPR app, ABOR intends to send a strong message to its members about readying their business for the shifting market while it’s quiet. Emily says they want to prep their agents, especially newer ones who have only known a hot sellers market, on how to use the slower late fall and winter months to get ready for the new spring.

Emily wraps up this thought by saying, “We’ll be asking our members: ‘Are you using the right tools for a shifting market? Are you using them away in a way that’s effective?’ We really want to encourage them to do those kinds of business gut checks at a time when it’s quiet. This tech adoption push lines up perfectly with this strategy and we can’t wait to get our agents going in RPR and preparing for next year’s market.”

The RPR app has been refreshed and revamped: the property search filters are more in line with the desktop version, the Buyer Tour feature has been improved, and the reports generation experience has been streamlined. The new RPR app offers all that and much more.

If you’re an association or an agent who wants to get started using the RPR app, check out our mobile app resources page.

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