Increased Integrations Lead to More Powerful MLS Products for REALTORS®

Deep links & display actives top-of-list for MLS integrations

The number of REALTORS® with access to RPR® (Realtors Property Resource®) through a multiple listing service (MLS) is on an impressive rise, hitting historic highs for three of the platform’s four integration options, according to a recent RPR study.

The analysis, examining five years of integration activity, 2017 to present, determines how MLSs have stepped up to take a more active role in partner technologies on behalf of REALTORS®.

RPR offers several integration options for MLSs committed to delivering productivity-boosting tools for real estate agents and brokers. Deep links, the highest driver of RPR usage; displaying on-market listings nationwide, a referral pipeline builder; and single sign-on (SSO), rank among the real estate data platform’s most leveraged subscriber tools.

Here’s a breakdown of how heightened interest among MLS leaders has spurred dramatic increases in the number of REALTORS® covered by RPR integrations.

Deep Links

Shortcuts from an MLS to a similar page in RPR

Since 2017, the number of REALTORS® with an instant connection between their respective MLSs to the RPR platform via a deep link has risen by a sweeping 62%. Today, more than 900,000 REALTORS® access RPR via a deep link.

As a “productivity optimizer,” a deep link sends a subscriber from a listing in an MLS to a similar page in RPR. The instant-accessibility factor offered through a deep link provides quick entry to hundreds of additional datasets and tools that may or may not be available through the MLS.

Deep links can be created for properties, markets, neighborhoods, and schools. From there, subscribers can drill down on public records and listing data, create a comp analysis, refine the value of a property, and create up to a dozen residential and commercial RPR reports.

The role of the MLS in delivering deep links

The growing number of REALTORS® who access RPR through a deep link is symbolic of proactive MLS leaders who believe open access to real estate data and tools is essential to the success of their stakeholders.

Anton Letica, chief executive officer of the Michigan Regional Information Center

Anton Letica, chief executive officer of the Michigan Regional Information Center (MichRIC), is a longtime advocate of RPR integrations, such as deep links.

“Our members like RPR for its diversity of data: listings and public records, market data, demographics, reports, and so much more,” says Letica. “It’s a great place to find additional information outside the MLS.”

MichRIC provides its members with deep links to property listings and school reports, alongside single sign on (SSO), which may account for the strong RPR usage among its members.

RPR View™

Simple solutions to expand the reach of broker listings

If it’s said that MLSs drive exposure for property listings, then RPR’s “display on-market listings to all“ is the road to take.

Known as RPR View™, the ability to display on-market listings to all REALTORS® is rapidly gaining wider audiences. From January 2017 to January 2022, the number of RPR account holders with access to nationwide on-market listings through the View has risen an eye-opening 89%.

The decision to display on-market listings on a national scale offers greater visibility for subscriber listings, a cost-effective move that significantly contributes to referral pipelines and helps REALTORS® work together to meet consumer needs.

RPR View™ also includes the option to share on -and off-market listings with MLSs in contiguous markets or with reciprocal orgs. Here, eight Minnesota MLSs enter into a reciprocal data share agreement through RPR.

As with all integrations, there is no cost from RPR for the display on-market feature.

Recap: Display On-Market Integration

  • Listings in a specific market gain nationwide exposure to REALTORS®.
  • Visibility feeds income-producing referral pipelines.
  • Agents who work in a particular market can be easily identified.

MLS leaders speak to value of listing viewability for all

Phil Tedesco“We’re happy to know that RPR provides a secure platform to expose our subscriber listings to the widest possible audience of REALTORS®, thus securing the greatest referral opportunity for our subscribers and expanded market exposure for their clients.”

—Phil Tedesco, CEO, State-Wide MLS

Phil Tedesco“We are excited to continue to work closely with RPR on making sure REALTORS® across the country have access to all active listings. It reflects our commitment to ensuring the largest, most fair, and open residential real estate market in the world is open to everyone.”

—Jay Pepper-Martens, Director, San Francisco Association of REALTORS® MLS

Read more from Jay and others on RPR’s display actives integration

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Increase subscriber productivity while data remains secure

Third on the list of RPR’s most productive integrations, Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it possible for REALTORS® to log in to an MLS, then access RPR without the need to re-enter login credentials.

SSO has also reached a major milestone. The RPR study reports the integration has hit its highest growth rate since 2017. Usage is up by 76.6% since 2017. In all, 974,162 MLS subscribers enter the RPR platform through SSO.

“Dashboard tiles kept adding up.”

Last year, John Breault, vice president, Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® / State-Wide MLS, conducted an intensive audit of his MLS’s product offerings. John’s aim was to identify tools offering the greatest value at the lowest cost, and those preferred by his customers.

“The dashboard tiles kept adding up,” said Breault, a Top 100 Swanepoel member. “We didn’t want to overwhelm them with tools they won’t leverage.”

RPR integrations made John’s final cut with SSO and deep links at the helm.

“RPR houses tons of statistical information, compiled from a variety of credible sources. It’s included in REALTOR® dues. Plus, there are no upsells or paid features, so it easily falls in line with our Strengthening Our Core initiative.”

Now fully integrated, State-Wide MLS has brought added value to its customers through RPR. Usage among REALTORS® within their MLS increased by 19% in recent times, nearly double its 2016 rate.

Connect with RPR’s Industry Relations team to create best-case scenarios for your MLS integrations.

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