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On Friday, a short post appeared on under the provocative title, “WTF RPR?” that misconstrued a press release that was issued earlier in the week. The press release was about RPR’s role in a process to help expedite short sales by identifying when delinquent borrowers have listed their properties. The author of the blog appears to have assumed that the intent of the product is really to market new loans to homeowners, and thereby undercut a business that many brokerage firms have a vested interest in.

Any reading of this press release does not support the conclusions of the blogger. Nevertheless, we are aware that the post has garnered some discussion, particularly among brokerage firm owners. We believe it is important to invite a comparison of the two articles in order to make sure the facts are clear.

Expediting short sales benefits everyone and the housing market. Marketing to homeowners is prohibited by RPR’s MLS license agreements, and from a common sense perspective, is just simply inconsistent with RPR’s mission to support the business of REALTORS® and their firms. In fact, RPR has built tools now in use by more than 300 brokerage firms that are specifically designed to promote and drive the capture rate of brokerage owned and affiliated core services.

While we can wish that bloggers would check their facts or frame their assumptions more carefully as opinions, we are aware that sometimes this does not happen. We know that sometimes, other interests are in play. Nevertheless, we hope that you will take the time to understand what was actually announced. Keeping the REALTOR® in the forefront and assisting members and their firms in becoming more profitable is and always will be RPR’s core mission.

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  1. Debbie Kirkland
    Debbie Kirkland says:

    Seems no matter how you post RPR as a member benefit (and what a HUGE one it is), there are always the skeptics. What is disheartening is wondering if the writers themselves are even using the product, if it has made them any money, and if not, can they fully understand the true benefit to the end user, the Realtor? I’d also like to know what other comparable product, or even near comparable product has been built this quickly and has evolved as fast as RPR. Kudos to the developers for listening as the development occurred, for being “on the spot” when changes had to be made, for listening to what the end user needs, not what bloggers perceive. I’m happy to pay for RPR, there are some Realtors who need to get to work using this and quit blogging about it.

  2. Russ begeron
    Russ begeron says:

    Why has no one pointed out that this is the Match and Append product that is supposed to be a huge revenue generator for RPR in which they use brokers listings to match against lenders portfolios. If a broker with a lending arm wants to buy this service they could. But they could just use their MLS data to do the same thng.

  3. Ricky Beach
    Ricky Beach says:

    When RPR begins to turn a profit from outside vendors (GSEs, LPS, etc.) will the originating MLS(s) and/or brokers get a cut or will their information be used for free?


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