MyRPR Spotlight: What’s your story?

One of the great joys of working for RPR is the sense that you’re a part of something big, something that’s making someone’s life easier, or giving them that extra edge in their day-to-day business. I’ve recently had the honor of helping RPR users share their success stories online and it’s only re-enforced that belief.

Each MyRPR story offers up a different perspective, a different background, and showcases a different part of the country. They’re completely unique, but what brings them all together is that Realtors Property Resource has become an integral component in keeping each user at the cutting edge of their industry. The RPR application is helping REALTORS® increase efficiency, gain a competitive edge and provide immense knowledge in areas all across the country with just the click of a mouse.

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  1. Emil Ratti
    Emil Ratti says:

    I noticed that the listing agent’s info is displayed and will be sent to my prospect. That is wrong and makes this software package the wrong thing to use.

    • Reggie Nicolay
      Reggie Nicolay says:

      Hello Emil – We don’t display listing agent info on the RPR reports. You can certainly use the reports with prospects, etc. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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