Experienced REALTOR® Makes RPR his “Go-To” for all Things Real Estate

The inbox at RPR (Realtors Property Resource) continues to fill up with praise and success stories from our users. Last month we received this email from Eric Nitzschke, a seasoned, industry vet who had this to say about NAR’s property data platform:

“RPR is an industry “must”... what a tremendous resource with relevant analytics, and detailed information that caters to both agent and customer. My number one “go-to” for real-time, accurate and informative data.”

Eric Nitzschke, eXp Realty, Bend, Oregon

Well, we could’ve ended it right there, but we decided to dig a little deeper in Eric’s RPR experience and find out how he uses RPR to nurture and accelerate his business. Here’s this month’s Success Story Q&A, with Eric Nitzschke…

Q Hi Eric, how long have you been a REALTOR®?

Just over thirty years, and I’m licensed in California, Oregon and Washington state. West Coast guy!

Q Thirty years, that’s impressive! What area do you specialize in?

Residential mostly, and I work with both buyers and sellers. I will do a commercial deal here and there.

Q How did you hear about or first get started in RPR?

I first learned about RPR when I worked in Florida. This particular real estate group used RPR all day long, every day. The office would use RPR to assess current values of homes. Once I was exposed to it, I realized it was way more than just a valuation tool. There’s just so many capabilities and it’s especially helpful in doing listing and sales presentations. The property reports are good and the comps are so valuable, and both are really easy for customers to digest and comprehend. I think RPR is super helpful and it’s my go-to for every day tasks.

Q What are some of your favorite features in RPR?

The reporting aspects are super valuable, especially with the market as frothy as it was. Using RPR really lends credibility to your work. For example, the market here in Bend, Oregon is small. And people are getting all this info about the market, but it’s disparate and it’s off the mark. RPR is a good resource to bring people to the baseline of understanding what is accurate and realistic. It really helps me explain to folks what our local market is doing and to take out the emotional aspect.

I do this by providing RPR Seller’s reports, Market Activity reports and Neighborhood reports. They’re super valuable. Everything is always very current and up to date and accurate. I see it as a good third party resource at arms distance, so you’re not skewing the info. It backs up my recommendations and gives my advice some data-backed credibility. Plus, it’s readily accessible, and it doesn’t cost anything. That’s huge! Real estate people get chiseled at every turn, so this should be a real go-to resource for real estate agents. 100%. I also like that it’s user friendly, it’s not over technical. For someone new or not so tech savvy, it’s easy to interpret, which can’t be said for a lot of tech. That aspect is a big benefit.

Q Well said! Does RPR relieve any pain points for you in your day-to-day tasks?

It’s just super user friendly, in my opinion. I tried using some other tech tools and it’s frustrating, and you give up. But RPR is so much more straightforward. Every application I’ve used is different, and you have to learn, and there’s a steep learning curve. With RPR, it’s the same every time. It’s consistent and easy to navigate, and that’s a huge relief for me.

Q Any good RPR “wow”’ moment stories?

I just had a client who closed on their home a little while ago. They were new to selling (in their 60s!) in that they had never sold a home before. I helped them through the process and put an RPR report together for them. It really simplified things for them and gave them a comfort level that they weren’t in over their head. They could relate to it, you know? The supporting data I provided helped in figuring out and agreeing on the listing price. They were “wowed” and very appreciative!

Thank you Eric, we really appreciate your story and for using RPR as your “go-to” tech tool. Whether you’re a brand new agent or thirty year vet, RPR can help you, too!

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