Miami REALTORS®/MLS Makes RPR Integrations key to its Culture

Welcome back to the RPR Industry Relations Spotlight. Last month, we told the story of Rhode Island REALTORS®/State-Wide MLS, a 5,400-member organization that successfully transformed its lineup of products and services to a “less is better” model based on survey feedback and a courageous commitment to making tough decisions. As a result, the organization has experienced a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction, as well as RPR usage.

Now, since all Associations and MLSs vary in size, geography, and market needs; we turn to tell the story of an Association/MLS with a different, yet equally successful, equation: “more is better.”


For scope, with more than 50,000 members, Miami REALTORS® is the largest local REALTOR® Association in the U.S. and has official partnerships with more than 220 international organizations worldwide. Imagine the scale of such an operation, especially with regard to delivery of products and services, including technology, education, and diversity.

“We’re big on technology and options,” says Sr. Vice President of Training Development Liset Hanes. “Within our wide range of offerings to members, we have four premium tax solutions, three CRMs, two MLS platforms, and one mindset.”

That common commitment to delivering value-based and varied offerings to members helps Hanes and her team simultaneously manage 80 free-to-low cost products and services. They have a sound business model to support the extensive effort.

“With such a large member base covering a vast territory with varying market needs, we need to be creative, like offering options between categories and services,” said Hanes. For example, the Association offers “Miami Platinum Plus,” a subscription service to five products, discounted from $1,700 to only $99 annually.

RPR is well served within Miami’s comprehensive feature-rich framework, garnering a consistent presence in its educational and technology services line up, as well as MLS integrations.

  • Four RPR certified trainers
  • Dedicated RPR page on its website
  • RPR channel on its YouTube site
  • Deep links for property and school searches
  • Displays active listings with REALTORS® nationwide

Hanes singles out the Association’s commitment to giving every member’s listings full exposure via RPR’s Display Active Listings integration. “Why wouldn’t you want to help your members reach out to other REALTORS®, especially when relocations are so hot right now?” she said.

“RPR is one of the most popular and most valuable services we provide for members,“ said CEO Teresa King Kinney. “Our commitment to promotion and training on RPR is proof of how important we believe it is to member success.”

Recently, the Association went all in for RPR through its Spotlight program. Created by Hanes, the program aims to raise awareness of products/services that REALTORS® want to know about. Each of 28 days, members receive a 7:00 AM news flash via email with bite-sized information about how to dig a little deeper on the day’s topic.

January was “MLS Madness Month,” March was “Winning in Real Estate with MIAMI Commercial,” and April is “CartoFront’s 30 Days of Flood Education.”

“Our members expect to start their day with a daily dose of learning,” said Hanes. “When we chose RPR for the February Spotlight, there were plenty of topics and resources to feature.“


Hanes gives credit for the success of RPR Month to the platform’s blog, noting how easy it is to capture learning materials for nearly every real estate topic.

“The RPR blog is so important!” she said. “It’s filled with tips, tools, videos, webinars and so much more.”

Each Spotlight day leads to a dedicated page on the Miami REALTORS® website that highlights a topic. The member then clicks over to a learning resource on the RPR blog.

See the 28 Days of RPR in action.

The Spotlight now sits on the Association’s website by way of a dedicated RPR page. Hanes said it will be updated as RPR grows, consistently keeping members up to speed.

Where does your Association or MLS fit into the Rhode Island / Miami case studies? Look for next month’s edition of the Spotlight where we highlight best practices for integrating RPR into your Association or MLS culture.

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