AI Commercial ScriptWriter (Trade Area)

Powered by ChatGPT AI software

Summarize statistics and demographic data about a Trade Area within minutes with our Commercial ScriptWriter, powered by ChatGPT AI software. Share the content with your clients as a one-page summary, detailed report, or presentation outline. Click the Create Script link on the Trade Area page to get started.

This article is about our AI Commercial ScriptWriter, for information about our AI Market Trends ScriptWriter click this link.

Begin by clicking the Create Script button on the Trade Area Information page.

Next, select a tone, an audience, and the data to include, then let the Commercial ScriptWriter do the work for you!

  • Tone: Professional, Conservative, Engaging, or Conversational

  • Audience: City Planners, Business Owners/Tenants, or Investors and Businesses

  • Data: Primary Segment, Income, Housing, and/or Population

  • Scripts: One-page Summary, Detailed Report, or Presentation Outline

When finished, click the Copy Text button to copy the content or the Send By Email button to deliver the content to your email. Share the content however you choose – on your website, in emails to your client, on social media, etc.

Primary Segment

An area’s Primary Segment can be found on the Trade Area page in the Attribute Summary and Consumer Segmentation sections.

Tapestry Segments give detailed information about the characteristics, behaviors, and spending habits of the people within an area. The demographic segmentation can help you and your clients understand the lifestyles and life stages of consumers in a market. Data provider Esri classifies U.S. residential neighborhoods into 65 unique market segments, based on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, in its Tapestry Classification.

Tapestry Segments are alphabetized within the links below. Click a link to see a description of segments within an alpha range.

A – D
E – H
I – L
M – P
Q – T