Commercial: Trade Area Page

The Trade Area Information page displays demographic facts and stats for a chosen area, along with the area’s top socioeconomic and demographic segments  (based on Esri Tapestry data). You can access the Trade Area Information page from the Property Information page and from the map of a Commercial Site Selection analysis.

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Attribute Summary

The Attribute Summary contains key details about the area and its residents. It shows either RPR’s standard area statistics or the custom ones you chose during your Commercial Site Selection analysis.

An interactive map is also included in the Attribute Summary section that can be expanded to apply demographic and residential indicators data layers, see points of interest and traffic counts, or search within a distance or drive time.

Demographic Facts and Stats

The Demographic Facts and Stats section displays data about the area and its residents compared against the county and state, shown in multiple bar charts. See demographic facts and stats about the area’s population, economy, commute, home values, and the marital status, income, and education of the people residing there. Click the tabs at the top of the section to choose a category.

Consumer Segmentation

Life Mode – Who They Are

Life Mode groups share a common experience—born in the same generation or immigration from another country, for example—or a significant demographic trait, such as affluence. Tapestry segments are classified into 14 Life Mode groups.

14 Life Mode Groups