For Brokers: What are Deep Links?

Deep Links allow your agents to quickly navigate to pages within RPR from your brokerage intranet. For example, agents can go from a property page on your website to the same property in RPR.

Deep Links are one of many resources offered in Broker Tools at no additional cost. Broker Tools, like all of RPR, is a benefit of being a REALTOR®. Learn more about Broker Tools.

  • You can open the RPR deep link in the user’s existing window, in an entirely new window, or even in an iframe (this can be handled by your developers).

  • If the user is not signed into RPR, they will be prompted to do so (unless SSO is configured), and will then be taken to the requested page.

  • Deep Links can be used in both Commercial and Residential mode, with branding and with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Step-by-Step Instructions

Click on the tabs below to see step-by-step instructions.

Enroll in RPR Broker Tools

Your company must be enrolled in RPR Broker Tools to get access to Deep Links. Broker/Owners and Managing Brokers can enroll in Broker Tools (or add Deep Links to your existing Broker Tools account).

Once your company is registered, you will receive an email notifying you that you can log in. Follow these instructions once your company is registered.

Log in to RPR, then open your Profile menu and select Broker Tools.

For Brokers

Select For Brokers

Deep Links tab

Select the Deep Links tab.

Step 1

Start by Searching

Enter a property address or geographical area in the search field.

Note: The address or area will work when testing these links, but should be replaced with a parameter that contains the subject property address. Make sure the parameter includes a full address including city, state, and ZIP.

Step 2

Select your mode

Select either Residential or Commercial.

Step 3

Select what you want to link to

Choose which pages in RPR that you would like to link to from your website. Click on Property/Listing Details, Reports, Search Results, Neighborhoods, and Schools to select pages within each of these categories.

To test your links, click Test this link located next to the Copy this Link button.

Step 4

Copy your Deep Links

In the right side of the page, click the Copy All Deep Links button.

  • Email your copied Deep Links to your development team by entering their email address in the field provided and click the Send button.

  • Popular areas to have your developers paste these Deep Links are your listing detail pages, search results, or hot sheets.

  • Developers will need to use your website code to dynamically fill in the Query portion of these links (the address or geographical area). If your user is on 1 Live Oak, Irvine, CA 92604, then your web application should place that address into the “Query” parameter of these deep links.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You do not need to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) to use RPR Deep Links.

Your website developer will need to write a piece of code to pass the appropriate variable (property address, geography, school, etc) to the Deep Link to make it functional.

There is not an additional cost for Deep Links or any of the Broker Tools offered. Deep Links, like all of RPR, is a benefit of being a REALTOR®. Learn more about Broker Tools.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.

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