For MLSs and Associations: User Stats tab

The Users Stats (shown on the  MLS and Association Dashboard) allows MLS or Association staff to view data showing how the membership of your MLS is using RPR, including how many members are visiting the site, how frequently they visit, and what features and reports they use when they access RPR. The metrics are compiled on a monthly basis and displayed for the previous 13 months.

RPR logs visitor traffic information in a database and aggregates the information nightly. The counts shown in each area are based on MLS and Association membership. For MLS Dashboards, each member of the MLS is counted on each visit to RPR. For Association Dashboards, each member of the Association is counted on each visit to RPR, for primary as well as secondary Association memberships.

  • View metrics for the previous 13 months.

  • Select a category from the RPR Activity Summary panel, located to the left of the chart.

  • Choose from the drop-down menu at the top of the chart to changed chart variables.

RPR Activity Summary

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Visit is defined as any activity separated by an idle period of at least 30 minutes.

The count of Unique Users is the total number of people who used their RPR account in a month.

Average Visit Duration is displayed in minutes and is an average for all visitors to RPR, not a particular MLS or Association. This is the only RPR usage metric sourced from Google Analytics.

The number of Residential and Commercial Reports generated by users is displayed.

Searches include locating multiple properties in a geographic area or looking for a school within an area. A user receives a Search Results page as an endpoint of a search. Website searches are measured differently from mobile searches. A website search is counted each time a user successfully locates properties or schools in a geographic area, using either the residential or commercial application. A mobile search is counted each time a user successfully locates properties or schools in an area, as well as executing any search to find properties close to the user’s location.

Properties displays the number of property details pages viewed.

The Logins metric represents each session start. Every user’s logins are captured and counted. The Signed Up count measures the number of RPR accounts created by individuals via the website or mobile application (not bulk created).

Deep Links from a broker, association, or MLS website into RPR are counted by distinct link type (searches, search results, property and neighborhood details by tab, reports by type, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

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The charts show data for the last 13 months and cannot be customized at this time.

RPR logs visitor traffic information in a database and aggregates the information nightly.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.

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