For MLSs: Can we brand our agents RPR accounts?

To create a customized co-brand, an MLS works with their RPR MLS Support Representative. This can be done as part of the RPR implementation process or afterward. The MLS provides a logo and any links that are desired for the footer of the website.

  • The logo works best if it is horizontal and measures a minimum of 400 pixels by 100 pixels.

  • Allow one week to create a co-brand.

  • The co-brand works with both RPR Deep Links and Single Sign On (SSO).

Frequently Asked Questions

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To add branding to your MLS subscriber’s RPR accounts, contact your RPR MLS Support Representative.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.

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