Market Trends and Neighborhood Demographics – Charts and Graphs

In June 2022 we added charts that contain new categories and metrics and reformatted and improved our original charts. RPR charts are eye-catching, interactive, and responsive.

Data can be drilled down by Property Type to allow an in-depth examination of a market area. One or more charts can be printed to create a report-like PDF.

Transaction-based charts (New Listings, Active Listings, Sold Listings, etc.) are updated at the end of each month and take about a week to complete. See the “Updated” date on the lower right side of a chart to see when it was last updated. Three or more transactions must occur within a calendar month to generate chart data. Smaller neighborhoods may not have three or more transactions for many months. Therefore, we limit the data to no more than three months back to prevent stale information.

RPR charts, powered by FusionCharts, can be found on our Neighborhood and Property pages. Click the Research tab, then select Neighborhood Search. Or click the Market Trends or Neighborhood tabs on any Property page.