Market Trends and Neighborhood Charts

RPR charts offers information about the housing, people, economy, and quality of life of an area. Our popular Market Trend charts offers insight into the residential trends within a neighborhood, ZIP code, county, or city and can be customized and downloaded, copied, or shared directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Market Trends Charts

  • Share Directly to Social Media

  • Drill Down Data by Property Type

  • Create a PDF showing One or Multiple Charts

Market Trends – Share to Social Media

Market Trends charts can be customized and shared directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (RPR Mobile™), and LinkedIn. Share what is happening in a neighborhood, ZIP code, county, or city with your clients – or gain new clients!

  • Select a Property Type

  • Choose a Metric to Showcase

  • Select a Timeframe

  • Click the Share Link

  • Edit the Title or Subtitle if you Choose

  • Choose a Social Media Platform

  • Click More to Download or Copy

Market Trends – Search Page

Market Trends has its own search page but can also be found on our Property Details and Neighborhood pages.

To access the Market Trends Search Page, click the research tab, then choose Residential Market Trends.

Market Trends – Map Access

An option to “View Market Trends” is now offered on all residential website maps.

Selecting the View Market Trends button will take you to the new Market Trends Search Page.

Guided Tour

For a Market Trends guided tour, go to the Home page, click the Market Trends Shortcut, and follow the prompts.

Select Property Type

Select a Property Type from the drop-down menu, then apply the Property Type to one chart or to all the charts on the page.

Create PDF

Collapse any charts you do not want to print (and expand charts you do), then click the Print link.

Add PDF to RPR Reports

Add your PDF to your RPR reports. Click Manage Custom Pages in the right panel of the Report generation page, then select

AI Script Writer – Market Trends Indicator Chart

Create content to convey to your clients what is happening in a market area using generative AI software powered by ChatGPT. Choose a Tone (Professional, Engaging, or Conversational) and Audience (Buyers and Sellers, Buyers, or Sellers), then select from three script options (Create Video Script, Social Campaign, or Analyze Metrics). When finished, you can copy the content or have it emailed directly to you. Use the content in videos, Social Media posts, marketing campaigns, mailers, and more!

The Script Writer is available for the Market Trends Indicator chart that displays key metrics for a neighborhood, ZIP code, county, or city, such as Months of Inventory, List to Sold Price %, Median Days in RPR, and Median Sold Price.

You can find the Market Trends Indicator chart on the Residential Market Trends search results page, Property Information page (Market Trends tab), and Neighborhood page (Summary tab).

Neighborhood Demographics

Learn about the housing, people, economy, and quality of life in a neighborhood, city, or ZIP code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the links below

Three or more transactions must occur within a calendar month to generate data for transaction-based charts. Try to search within a larger area or select a different Property Type.

We recently added charts with new categories and metrics. Although the chart formats do not appear in reports, the data is the same across the website, app and reports. Our reports will be updated with the new and reformatted charts in a future release.

You can print a report-like PDF of one or more charts and include the PDF in RPR reports via Manage Custom Pages on the Reports page.

Transaction-based charts (New Listings, Active Listings, Sold Listings, etc.) are updated at the end of each month and take about a week to complete. For new data to populate the chart (and for the date to change to the next month), three or more transactions must occur within the searched area.

Click the “About this data” link to see how often all other charts are updated.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.

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