Release Notes: April 2021

This release brings new features and the return of some old favorites. Included also are data updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

AARP Livability™ Index

RPR has partnered with the AARP Public Policy Institute to bring the AARP Livability™ Index to our residential property details pages and reports. Scores displayed in RPR are the result of comparisons of ZIP Codes across the U.S. for the services and amenities that make a community livable for people of all ages.

The AARP Livability™ Index considers seven categories: housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity. Each category is scored on a scale of 0 to 100, with higher scores representing greater livability. The Total Score is an average of the seven categories, with a score of 50 indicating an average score. Above-average communities will score higher than 50 and below-average communities will score lower.

The AARP Livability™ Index is shown on our residential property details pages (Property Summary and Neighborhood) and can be displayed in the Seller’s Report, Property Report, Mini Property Report, and Neighborhood Report.

Learn more about the AARP Livability™ Index.

Tip: Add or subtract the AARP Livability™ Index from your report by clicking the plus sign, next to the report name, on the Report page.

Swipeable Website Photos

Photos are now “swipeable” in the grid view of your search results. You can view a property’s listing photos without leaving the search results page. Hover your cursor over the property photo, then click the arrow to see the next photo.

CMA Search Features Restored

You asked and we listened. In Step 2 of creating a CMA (Find Comps), based on REALTOR® feedback, we have restored the features below:

  • Off-market dropdown menu has been returned to the CMA filters. Choose a timeframe from Within last week, up to Within last 18 months.

  • Map Drawing Tools have been restored when searching for comps on the map. Draw a shape (box, radius, polygon) on the map and search within the boundaries.

Points of Interest (POIs) are Back!

POIs have been returned to our interactive map. You can once again research neighborhood amenities and businesses when working with both residential buyers and commercial investors.

Select the POI button from the map tools menu, then choose from community and business POIs such as parks, grocery stores, shopping, daycares, hospitals, restaurants, and more. Interactive map pins will display on the map that you can click to see each POI’s business name, address, number of employees, sales volume, industry, and building square footage.

Time Saver: Select a grouping of POI preset defaults such as The Basics, Entertainment, and Seniors. You can also save your POI selections to use in future searches by clicking the Save as My Defaults button.

Save and Rename a Property

You can now rename a property on the Property Summary when you save a property. The new name will show in your Saved Properties, appear in your search results, and display on the reports that you create.