Release Notes: February 2021

RPR has been redesigned, reorganized, and refreshed! 

This is our biggest release ever! We have added new features, improved existing ones, and made RPR easier. Read on to learn what has changed in RPR.

  • Easier to see: The site is wider with more white space and includes bigger fonts and images.

  • Easier to navigate: Access the Report page, specialty searches, tools, learning resources, and more from the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

  • Easier to search: Our search is improved and more powerful. Filters have been added and are more precise, commercial and residential properties can be searched from the same place, the map is faster, more intuitive, and can now be used in fullscreen mode.

  • Easier to manage your business: Keep updated on your markets, see your listings, access your saved searches, properties, and reports. All on your reorganized Home page.

  • Easier to learn: Resources are at your fingertips to get quick answers or walk you through a task.

Navigation Bar

Access the Report page, specialty searches, tools, learning resources, and more from the navigation bar at the top of your screen, on all pages of the website.

Click on the links below to learn more.

Takes you to your Home page. Learn more about your Home page.

The Research tab offers access to the Map Search, Neighborhood Search, and School Search. You can use the Commercial Site Selection tool to find the best area for a business or select Commercial Map Insights to see demographics and residential trends. Learn what is offered in the Research tab.

The Marketing tab offers resources to help you find clients and market to potential buyers. Learn more about the Marketing tab. 

The Reports tab offers quick access to the Report page. Choose a report and your choice will auto-select on the Report page. See an explanation of each item in the Reports tab.

The Learn tab provides learning resources that are specific to the website page that you are currently viewing. See what is offered in the Learn tab. 

The Help tab allows you to search to find a quick answer or take a deeper dive into our training resources. It also displays our contact info. Learn more about the Help tab.

The My Work tab gives you direct access to everything on your Home page. Learn more about the My Work tab. 

Your Profile Menu is represented by your initial or agent photo. Upload your agent photo and logo, add your MLS/CIE, and include your contact info. See what you can do in your Profile. 


We have added interactive guides called Shortcuts that take you through the process of completing a task. When you click on a shortcut, you will be shown where to begin and as you finish each step the system will guide you to the next. The Shortcut menu is on the Home page. Learn more about Shortcuts. 

My Markets

The My Markets feature allows you to set your markets, then log in to RPR daily to see recent changes within your chosen markets on your Home page. Learn more about the My Markets feature. 

Listings and Saved Searches

Access your listings, saved properties and searches, reports, and notes in the My Listings, My Properties, and My Searches sections of the Home page.


  • Move the toggle next to the search bar to search for residential or commercial properties.

  • Click the Research tab to run a Map Search, School Search, or Market Activity Search.

  • Select the filter button to open all filters. Many filters have been changed to min/max fields to get more precise results.

Search Results

  • You can see your results in list view, gallery view, or map view.

  • Now you can select specific properties from your search results and include them in a printer-friendly version of the page.


  • The new map is faster and more intuitive.

  • The map can be viewed in full-screen mode.

  • New map tools have been added.

  • Map tools are now easily found in a menu bar on the side of the map.

Clean, Simplified Format

Same high-quality data in a clean, simplified format.

Data Updates

Click on the links below

This release updates tenant data for commercial properties to the latest information from SMR Research. This data, covering more than 11 million tenants, is updated quarterly.

We have updated the geographic boundaries used on maps and in searches. This data is provided quarterly by Precisely. 

  • Neighborhood Boundaries
  • Residential Boundaries
  • ZIP Code Boundaries & Centroids
  • Walkability
  • School Boundaries

The quarterly refresh of school data, provided by Niche, includes updates to school ratings and community reviews.

The annual Esri update includes the demographic, spending, and other data supporting the Commercial Site Selection tool, federal and local Economic Area Reports, and residential neighborhood statistics. 

If you would like to learn more about RPR, please see our Learning Resources where you will find video tutorials, marketing strategies, step-by-step knowledge base articles, and printable guides.

RPR version 2.04 was released on February 23, 2021.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.

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