RPR App: July 2024 Release

What’s New in RPR Mobile™?

Our Market Trends Scriptwriter, powered by ChatGPT software, quickly analyzes market trends and creates client-ready shareable content in just a few taps! Also, check out Property Details for residential comps and List-to-Sold Price percentages.

RPR Mobile™ App

AI ScriptWriter

Powered by ChatGPT

Our Market Trends AI ScriptWriter is now available on the RPR  Mobile™ App!

The AI ScriptWriter analyzes market trends and does the work for you! AI software, powered by ChatGPT, allows you to create content to convey to your clients what is happening in a market area.

Choose a tone (Professional, Engaging, or Conversational) and audience (Buyers and Sellers, Buyers, or Sellers), then select from three script options (Create Video Script, Social Campaign, or Analyze Metrics).

When finished, you can copy the content or have it emailed directly to you. Use the content in videos, social media posts, marketing campaigns, mailers and more!


Tap Trends

Tap Create Script

Choose a Tone

Choose an Audience

Select a Script

List to Sold Price %

The List to Sold Price % is now displayed in the property summary of Closed listings that sold over or under the list price.

Nearby Comps

View nearby residential comps in a search results format from the Location Details section of the Property Details page.

Tap the Comps icon below the map.

Or tap View All Map Layers, then tap Nearby Comps.

The results will populate the map within a radius set by you in your User Settings.

To change your radius, tap Menu in the bottom navigation bar, then choose User Settings and move the “Set Nearby to” slider.

Listing Counts – Map View

Nearby Listing Counts are now available in Map View. Tap My Work in the bottom navigation bar, then choose a category. Results will show on the map.

Tap the List View icon to see your results in a list.

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RPR version 3.17 was released on July 10, 2024

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