RPR app: What are the homepage options?

RPR Mobile™ offers 3 homepage options to choose from – Market Activity, Local Market Conditions, and Advanced Search. While on the homepage that you prefer, hold down the house icon until you see the message “Default homepage set”. The house icon will turn from white to green to indicate the page as your default preference. You can still access all the homepages, by swiping to the left. You can change your default homepage at any time by holding down the house icon while on the newly preferred homepage.

Market Activity
Local Market Conditions
Advanced Search
Tip: You must have your Location Services enabled on your device in order for the data to populate on your homepage.

The Market Activity homepage displays new and recently closed listings and distressed properties within 0.5 miles from your current location.

  • You can change the timeframe for what is considered “New” or “Recently Closed” in the Settings of your Profile. Click the wheel icon in the top left of the page, then choose Settings.

  • See listing counts for properties with the status of New For Sale, New For Lease, Recently Closed, and Distressed.

  • Click the magnifying glass next to each status to open a list or map view of the properties.