What can I do if the map pin is in the wrong place?

If the map pin is showing within the wrong boundary on the map, you can move it to its proper place. On the Property Summary, click anywhere on the map to open it. Click on the house-shaped icon and when the Details box opens, select Move Pin. Click the icon on the map and drag it to the proper place. Next, click the OK button, then click the X at the top right of the screen to exit. Refresh your page and the map pin and Google street view photo should reflect the new location. The new location and Google Street View photo will appear in any reports that you run.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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RPR places map pins in a property’s exact location using parcel boundary and point data.

In areas where parcel data is not available, map pin locations are established by cross-referencing the property’s address with underlying street centerline data to approximate the property’s location as closely as possible. This can result in the clustering or overlaying of map pins.

Any changes that you make are exclusively for your own use and will not be visible to or affect any other user on the site.

Once you move a map pin, the new map pin location and Google Street View photo will show in any reports that you run afterward.

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