What is on the Property Details pages?

RPR’s property pages represent over 160 million parcels (public record data) nationwide, accessible to all REALTOR® members. Public record data includes owner information, property facts, legal description, plat maps, mortgage and tax data, deeds, prior sales transactions, and distressed data. 

MLS data is then added through our partnership agreements. Each MLS decides if they would like to share their on and off-market listing data with members of other MLSs.


RVM® and AVMs are estimated values that are the result of multiple automated valuation models that use proprietary algorithms to provide an estimated property value. RVM® and AVMs can be included in a Seller’s Report, Property Report, and Mini Property Report.

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Property Information

The Property Information pages includes an estimated value, listing and public records data, property facts, school data, price change history, interior and exterior features, owner facts, legal description, tax info, mortgage records, distressed data, partner integrations, and more.


The Map/Location page shows the location and estimated values of the subject property, and surrounding properties, on our large interactive map. You can apply Data Layers,  Points of Interest, and see where the local Schools are located. The Location Details section may include zoning info., directions, a walkability score, and more.

Market Trends

Our popular Market Trend charts offers insight into the residential trends within a neighborhood, ZIP code, county, or city and can be customized and downloaded, copied, or shared directly to social media.


The Neighborhood tab includes charts and statistics about the housing, people, economics, and quality of life of the neighborhood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RVM® estimated values include on-market and off-market listings from MLS data, in addition to publicly recorded sold data. An RVM® is a more accurate estimation than an AVM estimation. Learn more about RVM® and AVMs.

AVM estimated values draw solely from publicly recorded sold data. Learn more about RVM® and AVMs.

You can update the Property Facts in the Your Changes column on the Property Summary. Your changes will display in your reports, along with the Public Facts and Listing Facts.

The neighborhood or ZIP code is rated for walking access to POIs or Points of Interest (parks, restaurants, retail stores, etc.), weather, public transportation, and population density are also considered. The Overall Score is based on the availability of POIs and the distance and time to reach them. The Amenity Score reflects the walkability to POIs such as retail locations and salons. The Leisure Score reflects the walkability to POIs such as restaurants and parks. Scores range from 0-5 with 5 being the best. The data are provided by Precisely, an RPR data partner.

The Building Quality is determined by the county using their own evaluation methods. Not all counties provide a Building Quality rating.

Phone numbers that are on the National Do Not Call Registry will not be displayed.

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