What is the My Markets feature?

The My Markets feature allows you to set your markets, then log in to RPR daily to see recent changes within your chosen markets.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Property Status

The left panel lists each property status and the number of properties for each status.

Tip: Click the Add or Edit buttons to add a new market area or edit an existing one. See the Step-by-Step Instructions further down this page for additional information.

View Full Details

Click the corresponding icons on the map to see quick facts about the property. Click the View Full Details button to open the Property Summary.

Create a Report

Click a blank space within an open area on the map to bring up a box that offers the option to search or create a report.

  • Search in This Area: Choosing this option takes you to our Map Search where you can apply filters, see area points of interest, or choose from 11 data layers to view real estate trends within your market.

  • Create Market Activity Report: Create a Market Activity Report to show the changes and activity in your market. Choose the property statuses and property types to display. See how to create a Market Activity Report.

  • Create Neighborhood Report: Create a Neighborhood Report to see charts and statistics about the housing, people, economics, and quality of life within your market. Learn how to create a Neighborhood Report.

Collapse or Expand

My Markets is collapsible and expandable. Click the 3 verticle dots to collapse or expand the My Markets map. The system will remember your last choice and honor it when you log back into RPR.