What is the Transaction zipForm® Edition integration?

RPR has partnered with Lone Wolf Technologies to provide a tool that allows Transactions zipForm® Edition users to autofill their forms with RPR public record data. Begin by linking your RPR account with your Transaction zipForm® Edition account on your RPR Profile. Next, search for a property from the Home page. On the Property Summary, find the Transaction zipForm® Edition logo in the right panel, then click the Connect button beneath the logo.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Click on the tabs below to see step-by-step instructions.

Public Record Fields

Click on the link below.

  • Property Street Address
  • Property City Name
  • Property State
  • Property ZIP Code
  • FIPS
  • Tax Account Number
  • County
  • Legal Brief Description Full
  • APN
  • Legal Subdivision Name
  • Year Built
  • Current Owner Name
  • Current Owner Mail Street Address
  • Current Owner Mailing City
  • Current Owner Mailing State
  • Current Owner Mailing Zip
  • Legal Lot Number
  • Legal Unit
  • Legal City Township Municipality
  • Legal Block
  • Recorders Book Number From Assessment
  • Recorders Page Number From Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a Transaction zipForm® Editon account, you should see the logo on the Property Summary. If you do not, it is likely that your RPR account and your Transaction zipForm® Edition account are not linked. Go to your RPR Profile, then click the word Link. Sign in to your Transaction zipForm® Edition account, when prompted.

The benefit of linking your RPR account with your Transaction zipForm® Edition account is that you can auto-fill your zipForm® transactions with RPR public record data.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.

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