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  • RPR has recently upgraded many of its commercial workflows. This improvement provides data, tools and reports that help solve many Commercial practitioners’ pain points.

  • As a resimercial REALTOR®, Gail Clements uses RPR to impress everyone she encounters in her real estate business (including herself!).

  • It might be the time for a refresher course on Qualified Opportunity Zones. Diving into these areas now and guiding your investors, could really pay off down the road when we hit “play” on “The Great Pause.” Here’s a quick how-to to remind you of the potential of Opportunity Zones.

  • To find out how Opportunity Zones work in the real world, RPR Commercial Director Nathan Graham sits down for an informative Q & A with Chad Gleason, the Managing Director of PENTAVIRATE Commercial Investments.

  • RPR is pleased to announce the addition of Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) to its platform.

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