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    RPR Commercial offers simple, right to the point property and land searches that make commercial workflows more efficient and more productive.

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    Even in a smaller market, RPR Commercial helps REALTOR® Dave Ferro search for properties and create professional reports to help his business expand and flourish.

  • A new real estate agent from Hawaii finds the perfect companion for her mainland trips: the RPR app.

  • Watch a super quick video (1.5 mins!) for some pointers and advice designed to help you conduct more productive property searches in RPR.

  • RPR has recently upgraded many of its commercial workflows. This improvement provides data, tools and reports that help solve many Commercial practitioners’ pain points.

  • Learn how to get started searching for specific commercial properties or commercial areas in RPR, and how to view and refine your results.

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    “Search” is your launching point in RPR. Whether it’s by an exact address, neighborhood or ZIP code, RPR search is intuitive, flexible and powerful.

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    Follow these 5 easy steps to search over 1 million listings and over 55 million off-market properties in RPR Commercial.

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    Cash flow analysis, demographics, economic indicators and in-depth property details make up these go-to RPR Commercial tools.

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    Property searches in RPR are one of the most basic and popular user features. In this article, we reveal some lesser-known Commercial search functions.

  • The perfect presentation package can be timely and expensive to compile for REALTORS® working with commercial clients. Having the right reports and data to help walk a client through your expertise is essential in gaining their trust and business.

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