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Tips & Tools is a monthly newsletter created for marketing communications, education, and social and digital professionals committed to helping REALTORS® achieve their goals. Each issue includes short-form, ready-to-share content that will lead your members/subscribers through a whole new world of RPR data, tools, analytics and reports.

It’s a win-win for Association and MLS staff who want to consistently deliver high quality, engaging information that adds value for members/subscribers.

Open your next Tips & Tools email to see the value first hand! Then be sure to share this important member benefit news. Your newsletter includes:

1 Copy/paste/share content complete with RPR tech tips and business-building strategies.

2 Three dedicated posts written for each of your member communications channels:

  • social media
  • newsletters
  • email

3 Eye-catching graphics that will appeal to REALTORS® at every level.

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