RPR’s 2021 Year-end Review: “Best Of” Commercial Articles

No 2021 “Best Of” list would be complete without a look at RPR’s (Realtors Property Resource) commercial real estate content.

Here’s our top four articles for the business side of real estate…

  • How to Search for Properties and get Results With RPR Commercial
    RPR came out of the gate with a redesigned, “refreshed” version of its website in early 2021. This upgrade gave commercial practitioners the ability to search for commercial properties right on the RPR Homepage with just a toggle—no more going to a different area to conduct commercial business. This article walks you through the basics of starting a commercial property search.

  • RPR® Offers Specific Benefits to Commercial Members
    Many REALTORS® simply aren’t aware of all the benefits that RPR Commercial offers, including access to one million commercial property listings and over 57 million off-market commercial properties. An easy to learn property listing site with site selection and prospecting tools, all for no extra cost? It’s true and it’s yours to take advantage of as a REALTOR®.

  • What does RPR Commercial offer REALTORS®?
    This year we were really excited to produce this nifty video, a sixty second elevator pitch that explains and toplines RPR Commercial’s benefits to new and active users.

  • Spot-on Site Selection is how the Cookie Crumbls
    We ended the year with this commercial site selection case study. It tells the story of how San Antonio REALTOR® Cynthia Lee used RPR Commercial tools to find the ideal retail location for her trendy cookie shoppe client.

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