4 Steps to Use RPR with Your Relocation Business

As the old saying goes, make your first impression count. And now, It’s never been easier to impress and create a one-of-a-kind experience with Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®). Up your game with analytical tools and client-friendly reports from RPR. Add in a few new tricks, plus your local market expertise and you are just a few clicks away from creating a memorable transaction that can lead to a steady stream of relocation business.

Step One: Identify Your Client’s Needs

Begin by determining your client’s wants and needs. How many bedrooms do they want? How big of a yard do they need? How about commute time? Do they want to be near a park? Once you’ve identified your client’s ideal lifestyle, you can then weave the data from RPR with your local knowledge to find the perfect (re)location.

Step Two: Assemble a Relocation Packet

The relocation packet is your champion—not only is it going to save time, but it’ll put you miles ahead of the competition with real statistics and market analytics. Showcasing your expertise of the local market has never looked so good.

Start by searching their current neighborhood and use those market conditions to help locate similar markets with the Neighborhood Report. Make sure to include both current and proposed neighborhoods in the packet. You’ll also want to include a Trade Area Report for the proposed neighborhoods that you’ve identified. The Trade Area Report can be found on the Commercial side of RPR, it provides a greater sense of demographics, trends, and statistics of the neighborhoods. Be sure to follow all fair-housing guidelines when consulting your clients.

After you’ve pulled, saved, and reordered the reports, you’re ready to print or send your Relocation Packet via email. Tip: turn off page numbers so that when you put the packet together you can rearrange the pages in the order that makes the most sense for your client’s needs.

Step Three: Pre-showing Prep

With a goal of speeding up the relocation process, automating the property search is key to capitalizing on this niche. By having the following setup, you’ll be able to quickly find suitable properties to share with your client:

  • Run Market Activity reports for the selected areas to assist your search.
  • Setup auto notifications in your MLS to alert you with new listings.
  • Create Mini-Property reports to send to your client for consideration.

Step Four: The Offer

Your client has toured (or virtually toured) the properties you cultivated during step three, and they are ready to place an offer. Now is the time to go a step further and strengthen your strategy (and your buyer’s confidence) behind the offer with RPR’s Property Details report paired with a Comps Analysis to seal the deal.

Helping someone feel at home in your community (and saving you time) can be a very gratifying experience. Has RPR helped you realize the fruits of your labor with increased referrals? Tell us about it in the comments.

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