4 Ways to Prep for the Spring Real Estate Market

First off, our title is a tad misleading. Prepping for the spring “selling” season might actually be a thing of the past. The demand for inventory combined with rising interest rates, means Spring may have already sprung (sorry Punxsutawney Phil!).

That means to stay competitive, you need to plan and prep for February and March, not April and May. And to help you do that, RPR (Realtors Property Resource) is teeing up four ways for you to get going and get clients in 2022.

Let’s do this…

1 Invest in you! Start attending RPR webinars

At RPR, we make it easy for you to invest in yourself. We do that by providing a full program of training classes to keep you sharp on RPR products, tools and features.

At least two to three times a week, our expert training team will walk a group of skill-seekers and knowledge-builders through one hour webinars. These online educational opportunities are designed to show you how to use RPR to your advantage, and how to be more effective and successful in real estate.

These live sessions are quick (under one hour), free, and available all month long, every month. Register today to:

  • Learn how to prospect for new clients
  • Solidify your pricing skills with the RPR CMA
  • Create killer listings presentations
  • Search for properties and filter through map data layers
  • Discover data-packed commercial real estate tools

Check out the full line up in the RPR Learning Center. Signing up is easy and you’re sure to find a topic that appeals to you. Lock down your spot today!

Pro Tip

If a live webinar doesn’t jibe with your schedule, you can also watch one of our pre-recorded video tutorials.

2 Subscribe, follow and listen to the RPR podcast Decoding Real Estate

RPR recently launched Decoding Real Estate, a podcast dedicated to helping agents and industry professionals stay on top of trends and best practices in real estate.

Each month hosts Reggie Nicolay and Genie Willett will welcome an expert in their field. Listen in as they chat, converse and keep you in the loop on all things real estate. Their deep dive discussions on a variety of topics will accelerate your business, and help you be a more informed and more capable real estate practitioner.

You might not think you have the time, but you definitely have thirty minutes to listen to this podcast! Here are the links for Episode 1: Building a Winning Real Estate Team with Verl Workman, and Episode 2: Social Media Marketing with Travis Thom. Just hit “play”, then listen in and soak up all the insight, advice, wit and wisdom you can handle.

3 Use RPR data to supercharge your social media posts

If you’ve listened to our latest podcast, or read our latest survey results, you’ll know how important social media can be to your marketing plan.

There are a handful of reasons that social and digital marketing are essential to a successful real estate marketing strategy. It’s cost-effective and measurable (not something most traditional forms of media could claim; not together anyhow.) Perhaps the biggest reason though, is that it’s simply where the fish are.

Gex X is in or reaching their 50s, and are quite comfortable with online tech and social media, mostly Facebook. Millennials, who many in the industry feared would never be home buyers, are now home sellers, and spend a lot of time on Instagram and YouTube. And Gen Z is just starting to make its way into the homebuyers club, and they have made Tik-Tok the fastest growing social platform.

Yes, of course you can still reach older demographics and use traditional self promotion tools. However, all the growth and potential (and eyeballs) are in social/digital media. Putting more of your budget and your effort toward it is sure to pay off in the long run. And easy access to accurate housing and property data from RPR can help you do it!

Use RPR with other apps and software to boost your presence

Here’s how: create RPR Reports, such as the Market Activity Report, the Neighborhood Report, School Reports, and in some cases where you want to get really personal with a specific address, the Seller’s Report. Then use all the current data from these reports as the foundation of your social media posts or ads. Free data at your fingertips!

For example, you can use Canva and RPR together to create all kinds of content. Check out these two previous blog articles for complete, step-by-step instructions on how: How to use RPR and Canva to Make Shareable Market Charts for Social Media and How to Create Instagram Posts for Your Real Estate Business with Canva.

If you take the latest home sales data for one neighborhood, and use Canva to create an attention-getting graphic, you’ll be much more likely to be noticed than an agent who isn’t. You can also use all this great data to create videos to post on YouTube, Instagram, even Tik-Tok. Yep, it’s not just for teenagers anymore!

Choose some info or stats on schools, and go shoot a video of yourself in front of one of the schools. Take some neighborhood demographic stats and walk through that exact neighborhood while delivering your message. Then download an easy to use video edit app, such as InShot or use iMovie (if you have an iPhone) and edit together a quick 1-2 minute video. Slick looking graphics and videos combined with RPR data make for a winning combo!

4 Forge a farming area

Yes, we know, we’re starting to sound like a broken record. However, farming for prospects with tools from RPR is simply a great way to target and go after new clients.

Search, research, mine data, track trends, identify prime targets, create geographic boundaries, (“farms”) and create 2,000 free mailing labels/lists a month. As a REALTOR®, you can do all of this in RPR, your NAR member benefit. Start taking advantage of it now!

If you’re interested, but don’t know where or how to start, we’ve got just the ticket. Get your hands on our exclusive download, How to Farm and Prospects for new Clients. This eBook has everything, from A-Z, on how to set up and maintain a successful prospecting program and how to do it with help from RPR.

Pre-empt your prep

Don’t wait for spring to fine-tune your real estate game. Start now with these handful of tips and you’ll set yourself up for success all year long.

Hands-on educational instruction, easy listening podcasts, a supercharged social media plan and RPR’s eBook on prospecting, are all doable ways for agents to get ready and get busy.

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  1. Tammy Palmore February 14, 2022 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    When is your next Listing Presentation?

  2. Mike Burkhart February 14, 2022 at 3:48 pm - Reply

    Hi Tammy, looks like our next listing presentation live webinar is on Thursday, March 10. Use this link to sign up or watch a recorded version: https://blog.narrpr.com/learn/lasting-impression-listing-presentation/

    Thanks, hope this helps.

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