5 Ways to Start 2023 Strong

Welcome to the New Year!

Where fresh starts, clean slates, resets and resolutions are top of mind and can set the tone for a successful 2023.

We’re here to help you elevate every aspect of your business by giving you access to data, reports, tools and inspiration that you can utilize to “wow” clients and close more deals.

These five pointers will help you increase your productivity and expertise. Try one or all five to be more prepared and more successful in the coming year.

1 Develop your brand story

You’re likely familiar with what a “brand” is. It is something that goes beyond a physical product or service, in that it incorporates experience and perceptions. Apple isn’t just a phone or computer; it’s clean, cool and easy to use. And of course, successful branding includes a consistent look, tone, feel, design, messaging, mission and vision, and more.

However, the term “brand story” might be new to you. Here’s a quick definition: a brand story is a packaged narrative that includes the facts and feelings that are created by your brand, i.e. your real estate business.

Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, which usually centers on showing and telling, a brand story sets out to strike an emotional chord. It recounts the series of events that sparked your business’ inception and expresses how that narrative drives your business forward.

How can a real estate agent develop a brand story? It starts with answering the “why?” question. Why are you in real estate? Why are you passionate about it? What motivates you and why do you keep at it? Why are you the right person to help someone achieve their real estate goals? Answer these questions and you’ve got a great start to your brand story.

Finding that voice will set you apart from the cookie cutter crowd. Include it in your bio, feature it on your website, post it on Facebook, and commit your elevator pitch to memory for face to face meetings and bump ins.


RPR Reports are customizable and you can add custom pages to the beginning of every report you create. This is the perfect place to include your brand story, as well as testimonials and business philosophies that back it up.

2 Build positive daily habits

It’s no secret that successful people do the same things, day after day. The trick is to make these daily habits be productive and enjoyable, as opposed to feeling like a chore. Here’s a good list to get you going, specific to real estate professionals:

Establish a morning routine: Getting up every day at the same time helps you set and stick to a schedule. Even though agents aren’t exactly nine to fivers, getting up and having a healthy breakfast and a strong cup of joe is a smart way to start the day. Coffee time is perfect for reading real estate blogs and/or listening to real estate podcasts. If that’s not your thing, use the time to browse the latest hot sheets. After that, set aside some time for exercise, even if it’s just a twenty minute walk. You’ll feel better, more focused and your brain and body will thank you for it. Sleep in on Sunday!

Prepare and practice: After nutrition, caffenation and a bit of cardio, it’s time to get down to business. Set aside a chunk of time, at the same time every day, for some script rehearsal. If you bump into someone and they ask you about real estate, do you have a go-to response about what you offer or how the market’s doing? Practice this “elevator pitch” out loud, and just like that old college speech class, use note cards and deliver it to yourself until you’ve got it down pat. Pick different topics and work on what you’ll say in different situations.

Focus and prioritize your communication efforts: Don’t leave ‘em hanging! Be sure to respond as quickly as possible to leads and always follow up on your client questions and “asks” in a swift manner. Set aside a 15-minute block a few times a day (or more) to respond to any emails or texts that were sent your way. If you need time to figure something out or get an answer, let your customers know that you’re working on it and you’ll get back to them ASAP. If you’re super techy, you can also set up some AI bot response software for lighting fast response times.

Be active on social media/build an online presence: Facebook, Instagram, and yes, even TikTok are the price of admission in today’s marketing mix. Sharing posts, photos and videos about your real estate business is expected by Gen Xers, Millennials and now entering the market, Gen Z. And in an online world, there’s no “set it and forget it.” You have to stay active and current on your platforms to ensure you stay top of mind with clients and prospects. Set aside time each day to monitor your accounts, and while you might not create and share content daily, be sure to do it at least a couple of times a week. Share new listings, philosophies, local market trends, community events and news, testimonials, home design recommendations, etc. And be sure to keep tabs on other agents to see what they’re sharing and if it works… start doing it, too.

3 Perfect your explanation of what’s happening in your market

After the Fed raised interest rates in 2022, many buyers hopped back up on the fence, which caused the market to shift from the previous boom. National headlines continue to feed up scary language that is causing confusion and concern. However, all real estate is local, and you’ve got access to the latest local market stats and trends through RPR.

RPR offers monthly updated market stats from a county level, right on down to specific neighborhoods. With this fresh data, you can tell a real estate market story from your local point of view. This will help inform your clients and prospects of how the market is doing, versus what the nationwide market is reporting.

This positions you as a source of truth and shows off your local market expertise. Something that buyers and sellers need right now! Check out RPR Unveils New Charts and Graphs in its Neighborhood Pages for a “how-to” on finding these charts and graphs.

Getting this type of information out to homeowners and home buyers is essential in today’s shifting market. And you can easily do it on social media channels. Learn how to share this information with your sphere by reading How to use RPR and Canva to Make Shareable Market Charts for Social Media.

Another great way is to produce quick videos, 1-2 minutes in length, that deliver the messaging that plays out in a simple click. This article, Shifting Real Estate Market: How to Create a Video That Clears up Confusion, shows you how to pull it off, and it even includes a script for you to use word for word, or find inspiration from it and create your own.

4 Have a solid lead generation strategy

Every agent wants warm leads, but they rarely come walking through the door. You simply have to go out, work them, and find them. Or better yet… generate them!

Here are some great ways to get started with lead gen strategies:

Open houses: some say it’s antiquated and doesn’t really work for your listings, but savvy agents know that open houses are great for meeting buyers. Some agents even hold open houses for listing agents for this exact purpose. While they do attract their fair share of neighbors and looky loos, open houses also draw serious, qualified buyers. Many who don’t have an agent yet… Be sure to have an old school paper sign in sheet or a digital tablet sign in to collect contact info, and write notes after they leave. Follow up within 48 hours and definitely add them to your CRM.

Social media: Using Facebook for marketing purposes may seem complicated, but it’s actually not too difficult and the cost is relatively low compared to many other types of media. This article, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Lead Ads for REALTORS®, explains how to do it, from soup to nuts.

Sphere of Influence (SOI): Your Sphere of Influence is a mix of your contacts and connections. It’s everyone from close family and friends, to social media friends, to even friends of friends. Add them all to your CRM and start to nurture that list: use social media posts, deliver an eNewsletter, send out direct mail, write and post blog post, etc. Any touch point you can make adds to your circle!

For even more solid farming/lead gen ideas, (and more info on the ones above), be sure to check out one of our most-read articles, 8 Proven Prospecting Methods. It’s the perfect place to get inspiration for prospecting/farming/lead generation tactics.

5 Hone your skills–attend a free RPR webinar

Here’s a smart way to invest in yourself and get the year off to a solid start: RPR webinars!

Throughout the month, (every month, in fact) our expert and super friendly trainers conduct one hour classes on topics you can surely get better at, including prospecting, building CMAs, creating listing presentations, conducting property searches, commercial property site selections, and much more.

Best part? These quick webinars are absolutely free! No upsells, add ons or sales pitches. Just one hour of hands-on, how-to training that will get you fluent and super productive in the RPR platform.

Check out our webinar schedule to RSVP and claim your spot now.

Start the New Year in high gear

Now you have a roadmap for making 2023 your best year ever in real estate. Apply a couple or all to your daily routine to put yourself in the best position to succeed!

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