Associations & MLSs Share Spotlight in new RPR Co-branded Landing Page

Now, Associations and MLSs need only to add a single link onto their websites to instantly display a dynamic, maintenance-free RPR learning resource. Even better, the page is co-branded, prominently displaying your logo alongside ours.

That one simple exercise creates a valuable resource that helps members keep up to speed on the latest innovations from RPR, as well as direct access to dozens of learning opportunities.

Publishing your co-branded page also demonstrates a commitment on your part to providing REALTORS® with access to a top-level member benefit, complete with unparalleled property data, research tools, and customizable reports, among other resources. Plus, it drives members to your site—a trusted source—conveying value well beyond that of standard member benefits.

Here’s what we think you will like about the new RPR page:

  1. No need to create your own content or copy/paste ours. Your co-branded page includes easy access to “What is RPR” in addition to webinars, video tutorials and more.
  2. Fresh content delivered automatically. Your unique link is tied to our system. Updates we make, such as new tools and features, will display automatically on your page. No more old videos or stagnant content.
  3. Your branding is prominently displayed, conveying your commitment to best-in-class tech tools for your members.
  4. The page reflects the new RPR website. Video-tutorials and webinars instruct members how to use the new site to build their businesses. Your current mention of RPR or page may include resources tied to our former website.

The new co-branded page is well suited for every Association and MLS website, in whatever capacity RPR is currently represented. Where does your site fit in?

My website already has an RPR page.

Terrific! It’s up to you to decide whether to replace the page with the new link. Remember, the co-branded page is automatically updated to accommodate new product releases and learning opportunities. You’ll never need to refresh your own RPR page again.

RPR is included on our member benefits page.

Member benefit pages are the go-to for many Associations and MLSs that talk about RPR. We’re thankful for the placement and hope you will keep us included on the page. To help members maximize all that RPR has to offer, we recommend including your new RPR page under these areas on your site’s navigation as well.

Remember, two clicks or fewer is the rule.

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Resources
  • Data Tools

We provide a link to the RPR from our site.

Thank you! Here’s an opportunity to upgrade that link to a page that helps members fully grasp all that RPR has to offer as one of their primary member benefits. Why not house the RPR link on your site’s footer for quick access and display the co-branded page under one of our suggested topics (see above).

Our Association/MLS does not have an RPR presence on our site. Can you help?

Yes! Nothing would make your RPR Industry Relations team happier. We specialize in helping Associations and MLSs incorporate RPR into all facets of their operations, running the gamut from marketing communications and training, to integrations such as deep links and displaying active listings.

Ready to start the conversation? Please contact us.

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