Broker/Owners Depend on RPR for Easy, No-cost Agent Training

Successful brokers and owners are constantly searching for ways to keep their agents sharp, up-to-date, and ultimately, profitable. If that describes you, then search no further: RPR provides easy, cost-effective ways to train your agents.

RPR, a member benefit of NAR, provides agents with data, tools and reports to help them “wow” their clients and close more deals. However, RPR also provides access to high quality learning opportunities for its users at no cost whatsoever.

As a broker, you can leverage a wide selection of videos, webinars and guides for:

  • New agent orientation meetings

  • Fostering and furthering professional development

  • Office “refresher” courses on building CMAs, new client prospecting, mailing labels, etc.

  • A remote, work from home way to sharpen and learn new skills

On-demand video series: “The Basics & Beyond”

The perfect place to start with agent training is RPR’s “Basics and Beyond” Learning Series. This collection of brief videos offers a high level overview of all the features, tools and capabilities that RPR offers to REALTORS®. Play the whole series at office meetings, during new member on-boarding, or offer it as “homework” to seasoned agents, who can easily watch them remotely from their phone or computer.

This video series is a great way to see how the site looks, feels and functions. It’s basically the ground floor on how much RPR has to offer and why it’s in your agents’ best interest to tap into all of the property data available to them. They’ll learn the basics of creating their accounts and executing property searches, to more intermediate features such as map searches and creating property reports.

Pro Tip

Each video in the “Basics & Beyond” Series also features an accompanying Printable Guide. These handy “cheat sheets” give you everything covered in the video, in a step-by-step, easy to follow handout. No need to take notes—just watch the video and refer to the guide.

The RPR Learning Center

Another solid resource is RPR’s Learning Center. Here agents can sign up for live, national webinars from a wide range of topics. This page also features on-demand learning videos, Printable Guides and downloadable eBooks. Agents can simply use the navigation checkboxes on the left to choose educational offerings based on time, skill level, topics and learning type.

Broker learning options

Learning to use RPR isn’t just for agents! With RPR’s Broker Tools, brokerages can sign up and receive access to a slew of business-building tools and features.

RPR has recently introduced a whole set of new Broker/Owner-focused printables to help you better understand and utilize your RPR Broker Tools. Get step-by-step instructions on how to change or update an offering, how to create custom pages, how to install our AVM widget, plus tips on implementing Deep Links.

Also just released, is a series of “Quick Tip Videos”, each one running about 1-2 minutes long. These show broker/owners and office managers how to use Company Branding, Adding Custom Pages, the Broker AVM widget, Affiliated Services and Deep Links to their advantage.

As you can see, RPR provides several different ways to keep agents (and brokers!) up to speed so they can get down to business.

If you have any questions about how to use RPR or any of the available learning resources, call our Member Support line at (877) 977-7576.

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