Commercial Reports

If you’re looking to send something to your commercial clients that will really “wow” them, look no further than RPR Commercial Reports. In this article we’ll look into each type of Commercial report offered, and then take a closer look at how to customize what’s included in those reports.

There are various ways to create a report in RPR Commercial. To get started, access the reports generation page by clicking the Reports link visible anywhere on the site and selecting the report you want to generate, or by following the Create Report button on the Search Results.

You can also do this on the Property Details page or the Get Trade Area Analysis Report on the Site Selection Results pages. You can also find a direct link to creating a report on your selected area of the map as well as on the Trade Area details page.

RPR reports can be created, saved, emailed, printed and even shared on Facebook directly from your desktop or your Android or Apple devices. Since reports are in PDF format, you can even share them to other networks such as LinkedIn. And best of all, you get to choose what is and isn’t included in every report you generate.

3 types of reports to choose from

RPR has three different types of Commercial reports to choose from: the Commercial Property Report, the Trade Area Report and the Trade Area Analysis.

  • Commercial Property Report: this contains a comprehensive look at an individual property, including detailed property information, photos, property history and listing activity, and trade area information such as traffic counts. (Our Property Search & Results video will walk you through finding the perfect property for your report.)
  • Trade Area Report: this shows a summary of the demographics, economics and tapestry segments for the trade area the user has defined. The Trade Area Details tutorial will direct you to finding the area to run your report in. You can also create customized map searches to run trade area reports for.