REALTOR® Uses RPR Commercial to Conduct Business and Break Down Barriers

Welcome to this month’s entry of RPR’s “Wow Moment” series, where we feature inspirational stories from real RPR users.

This time around we’re putting a spotlight on RPR user Charlondra Thompson, a REALTOR® and Associate Broker with KW Commercial/Keller Williams Urban in Dallas, Texas. Charlondra is a commercial real estate practitioner and we’re excited to have her share her experience with us.

Charlondra started out as a residential agent, but quickly made the transition to the commercial side of real estate because of her business connections and corporate network. She was introduced to RPR about a year and a half ago through her local and state association, where she was encouraged to take some beginner classes and learn about the available reporting tools. This is where she learned that she can access RPR (through Deep Links) when she logs on to her MLS. “It just pops up!” says Charlondra.

“I really like using RPR and I know my clients appreciate it. The property reporting that I’m able to produce and share with them makes me look great as a professional. And, what I love is that I’m able to produce really quick turnarounds when necessary. Time in this business is very important! Especially when you are trying to grab the attention of a potential client. In fact, on my most recent deal, I know what won me my client’s trust, was my response time and my thorough research. I was able to put together a nice package for them in under forty-eight hours. All thanks to RPR.”

RPR. Wow Your Clients and Close More Deals

As you can see, Charlondra is fulfilling the “Close more deals” part of RPR’s slogan. But what about the “Wow your clients” part?

“Oh, I ‘wow’ people all the time!” says an enthusiastic Charlondra. “Here’s two examples: a business owner that I’m currently working with has a dream to expand her daycare center into a school. With RPR, I was able to show her market data that highlighted areas where there was a need for her type of services. She was amazed and really impressed that I had that type of info to share with her.”

Charlondra is talking about RPR Commercial’s Site Selection Tool. From RPR, you’ll find this by clicking the “Research” menu item and then the “Commercial Site Selection.” The Site Selection tool allows users to select attributes of the people they want to be around or the economic and demographic conditions that will drive the success of a particular business. This data analysis is powered by Esri and it can play a key role in helping clients find the right location for their business.

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Adios, Communication Barriers

Charlondra’s second example of “wowing” clients with RPR takes on an international flair! Because of her location in Dallas, Texas, she sometimes gets the opportunity to work with clients from across the border.

“I recently worked with a Mexico-based trucking company that was looking to expand their business to the DFW Metroplex. Their English wasn’t perfect and neither is my Spanish (laughs), but they were so impressed with the look and the data in my presentation package. The property reports I build in RPR are so professional-looking and easy to understand, that it broke down any communication barriers that we had and we closed the deal on their drop and hook trucking location soon after. RPR definitely helped me impress my clients and get the deal closed.”

Every NAR Member has Exclusive Access to RPR

What a great story! We love to hear success stories from the field, and it’s really nice to hear one from an RPR Commercial user.

To wrap our chat, we asked Charlondra what she would tell a fellow REALTOR® about RPR if they didn’t know about it. She says, “RPR is a great tool that is comprehensive for both the agent and the client. There are so many different reports that can enhance almost any real estate presentation that you have. In addition, they provide live and pre-recorded training to guide you on how to get the best use of the technology. And as a member of NAR, it’s one of your most valuable benefits.”

Well said, Charlondra. If you’re a commercial or residential agent, or a new NAR member, visit to create your account and get started using one of the most powerful real estate data tools available.

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