Cracking the Code: The RPR Search Hacks Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Know

Ever feel like there’s a secret playbook for real estate success, and you haven’t gotten your hands on it?

Well, you’re in luck. Consider RPR’s (Realtors Property Resource) Search your ace in the hole. It’s the tool that uncovers hidden gems, gives you an unfair advantage and makes you the agent with the inside track.

Hacking the RPR Search: Pro Strategies

RPR isn’t just about searching–it’s about strategizing your way to the top. Here’s how to pull it off:

  1. Know your target: Investor? Luxury buyer? First-time homeowner? Your ideal client’s profile will guide your search criteria.
  2. Get granular with filters (and overlays): Don’t be shy—layer those filters!
    • Price to Estimated Value: Spot potential deals with a low ratio.
    • School Districts: From map search, find family-friendly homes in sought-after areas.
    • Absentee Owner: Uncover investment opportunities or motivated sellers.
    • Time Owned: Look for long-time owners who may be ready for a change.
    • Keywords: Get creative with terms like “Pool,” “ADU” or even “needs TLC.”
  3. Master the map: RPR’s interactive map is your secret weapon. Draw custom search areas, dive into specific neighborhoods and visualize where the opportunities are hiding.
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Pro Tip

Once you've identified your target properties, RPR makes it easy to create mailing lists and export homeowner information. Learn how to build your database from scratch using RPR.
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Real-world wins: proven RPR strategies

  • The savvy investor: Use a low “Price to Estimated Value %” and keywords like “fixer” to pinpoint high-ROI flips.

  • The neighborhood niche expert: Establish dominance in a specific market using RPR’s map search to pinpoint your niche neighborhoods.
  • The portfolio builder: Use the “Multi-family” Property Type filter to target multi-family properties and utilize RPR’s Valuate tool to assess rental income and ROI.

  • The luxury listing specialist: Find potential sellers of high-value homes by mapping out affluent neighborhoods, filtering for “Owner Occupied” properties in a high price range with a long “Time Owned.”

  • The first-time buyer advocate: Use school search to isolate a “School District” and then filter for “Price” to find affordable homes in great school districts. Use RPR’s reports to educate and empower your clients.

  • The downsizing expert: Identify potential sellers with the “Time Owned” filter (20+ years) and send targeted mailers focused on smaller homes or condos.

  • The absentee owner specialist: Filter by “Absentee Owner” in specific neighborhoods and offer your expertise in property management or a free rental analysis.

Your unfair advantage awaits

RPR Search isn’t just a tool; it’s the key to unlocking your full potential as a real estate pro.

Don’t leave deals on the table. Start using RPR today to work smarter, find the hidden gems and leave your competition in the dust.

See for yourself.

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