Engaging Buyers Through Email Campaigns with Ardian Zagari

In this video, we chat with Ardian Zagari, co-Founder of Brevitas. We all understand that in today’s world, we might feel a bit awkward promoting properties unsolicited. However, we also know that we have to keep deals flowing. In our conversation, Ardian provides pointers on crafting your email campaigns so they’ll be welcomed by recipients and drive engagement. By using Brevitas as a proxy, we discuss various ways to track a campaign’s impact. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Build/cleanup your contact list – You can now export 2,000 properties with owner details (typically the corporate entity) from RPR into an excel spreadsheet, which you can use to start building or add to your database.
  • Brevitas and CREXi – Both have premium services which REALTORS® receive a discount on, and both include really powerful marketing tools from listing exposure to email campaigns.
  • Looking for a new full CRM system? Check out Clientlook and make sure to include your REALTOR® status to reveal property deeplinks to make your workflows easier.

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