Two MLSs Share Three Good Reasons to use RPR Integrations

MLS integrations are key to helping subscribers succeed in the real estate sphere. Deep links, single sign on, additional fields, and displaying active listings on a national scale, offer efficient access to data and reports not found elsewhere. They also help build broker-to-broker referral relationships.

Here, we go behind-the-scenes with two forward-thinking MLS leaders to talk about which RPR integrations they utilize and the benefit to subscribers.

Denise Yerdon, MLS & Membership Director
Central New York Information Service, Inc. (CNYIS)

 CNYIS has a high RPR usage rate, nearly 10 points above the national average. To what do you attribute the robust engagement?

We’ve chosen to integrate RPR into many facets of our MLS, including deep links to properties and schools, which our subscribers really appreciate. We’ve also created an RPR button on our Dashboard for instant access to the platform, and to promote usage in our member communications.

We see that your deep link usage has increased by 70% from this time last year, in spite of the downturn. How is that?

Our members know that leveraging technology to keep moving forward is critical. Deep links provide subscribers with quick access to consistent data, which allows them to learn more and better serve clients. We predict more and more of our members will embrace technology platforms like RPR in the near future.

Tell me about the considerations that went into place when deciding whether to implement RPR school links.

Our school data is complicated, like many areas of the country. Things change all the time and then there’s school choice. We worked with RPR to set up links that go directly to the school district within the platform rather than a particular school. From there, subscribers can research schools, find nearby properties for sale and send reports to clients.

Annette Fachko, MLS Director
Western New York Real Estate Information Services

Your MLS shares its active listings with ALL REALTORS® as part of RPR’s integration options. What led you to make that decision?

Our members have friends, family and customers across the country, so displaying actives helps them serve those individuals plus earn referrals. They may have somebody who is interested in our area and vice versa.

“We must be a global business. We’re close to Canada, so it’s important for us to be out there and available.”

-Annette Fachko

 I see you’ve also embraced the “Additional Fields” option within RPR to display data such as showing instructions or agent remarks. How does that work?

Whenever our members have access to any type of product, they want it across the board. If information is displayed within the MLS, they’ll want to see it on RPR. It keeps things consistent. They shouldn’t have to search for it or go back and forth between platforms.

Is ShowingTime a good example of that?

Yes. We provide ShowingTime to our members so it was a natural fit to do so in RPR. If subscribers use it, we want that to translate to all products they use.

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